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Top 20 SharePoint Alternatives – LinkedIn Poll

Andrew Wright, founder of the Worldwide Intranet Challenge, recently started a poll on the Intranet Professionals LinkedIn Group asking the question:

What technology is your intranet based?

A total of 379 participants showed that almost 50% of the respondents selected options other than SharePoint as their intranet technology.

Andrew shared the results on his popular Worldwide Intranet Challenge Blog:
Top 20 Alternative Intranet Technologies to SharePoint
We are happy to share that Intranet Connections ranked second in

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Intranet Connections Nominated as a Recommended Web Tool

We are happy to announce that Web Hosting Search has nominated Intranet Connections as a recommended web tool.
Web Hosting Search aims to help and assist visitors and clients in choosing web tools that will improve their websites and their businesses. The site nominated Intranet Connections because “Intranet software is a must in every company since it makes connection easy, from employees to company resources, and the like. This is definitely

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Tap Into Your Mobile Intranet

Take a look inside our latest patch to see where mobile access can help employees with contact information, resources and to connect with coworkers through their smart phones.

“I went to an out-of-town conference and used the mobile message wall to share live updates with my coworkers through my Blackberry”

“With all the travel I do, having the ability to approve corporate policy changes on my Android has proven to be incredibly beneficial.”

“I was on the road and a client asked me

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Animating Your Intranet Search

We recently launched a new web site for Intranet Connections to go along with our latest social release and our creative team dreamed up this 90 second animated video, designed to introduce Intranet Connections to prospective Intranet Managers.

A big thank you to Desaign: Explaining ideas through animation for helping us with our vision.

What do you think about using animation as an interesting and unique way to educate and learn?


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People Helping People: Social Intranet Software by Intranet Connections

At Intranet Connections, we feel that connecting and empowering your employees through a social intranet leads to having a more engaged and productive team. With a social intranet you can reach out to your coworkers to share business tools, ask questions and learn from one another. Our new Employee Directory introduces social profiles that embrace collaboration and social tools which allows employees to better communicate, connect and learn from

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KidStart: Coaching Kids for the Game of Life

In early December, the Intranet Connections team had an afternoon to help the 150+ families in need at KidStart, a local prevention and diversion program for kids age 6+. Our team built food hampers for the families of children that are mentored in this program, and while doing so, we had the opportunity to learn about this one-on-one mentoring program that’s been running strong for over 20 years.

KidStart encourages young

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Get Creative. Build on Culture. Empower Employees with Intranet Connections v11

Intranet Connections has its roots in business applications. We have added a lot of social and collaboration elements to our social intranet software over the recent years, but we have never forgotten about our roots in providing tools for employees to help improve your business.  We also see a great deal of employee engagement stemming from your company culture and our new v11 is all about leveraging your intranet to

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Spread the Word: Engagement and Culture ROCK

“Never underestimate the power of an employee that is engaged in their work and the company”

Last week I asked my business coach and mentor to facilitate a one day strategy session with our entire Intranet Connections team. We closed up shop and spent the day talking about corporate culture, because that is my personal BHAG – to build a really cool company with really cool people, who care about creating

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DIY Intranet: Building Your Menu

Navigation on your intranet can make or break your site. Good information architecture will help your users find the information they are looking for and assist them to complete the tasks they need to efficiently and effectively. Poor navigation can be a huge deterrent to site uptake.

The new menu builder included in Intranet Connections version 10.5 will allow you to you to organize your site navigation and build a horizontal

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Intranet Connections: Client Home Pages

A visually appealing intranet can help draw your users into the site.  We recently showcased a handful of our Intranet Connections client home pages using slideshare.  Click through to view the different intranet screens
Intranet Design: Client Home Pages
View more presentations from Intranet Connections Intranet 2.0 Software.

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