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Intranet Connections: RSS Feed Generator

Intranet Connections Intranet 2.0 Software will be releasing a new version of its intranet-in-a-box software in May 2010. Version 10.0 will feature a new Employee Hub, robust enhancements to the popular e-Form Builder, and a new RSS Feed generator.

Check in with our blog over the next month for more highlights on 10.0 features.

In this post, we touch base on intranet RSS feeds.  RSS feeds allow you to pull from corporate

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2.0 Tagging: Beyond the Folder

A key hurdle facing any successful intranet document management tool is ensuring that the solution is effective and easy to use. When deciding on hierarchy, card sorting, or other means of determining navigation, what quickly becomes apparent is that there is no homogenous ‘user’ whose actions and preferences can be relied upon to evaluate if the proposed implementation will meet these objectives. The success and usability of your intranet will

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Don’t Forget the Bread With Your Butter! Form Builder an Intranet Must-Have

The title of this blog post is kind of cheeky, but with 2.0 moving into the enterprise, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype  and forget that while these new social tools are no doubt valuable on an intranet, you can’t dismiss the core intranet functions that help employees to do their jobs.

One of the key applications (and one of the more powerful) is a Form Builder, or

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Intranet Connections: Embedding Media Files

Along with the enhanced Document Management features included in our next release, Intranet Connections version 9.5 will also allow you to embed web-formatted media files along side intranet content.  Media files can be uploaded and embedded directly through any HTML editor on the site and the video and audio files will stream directly through the site, without needing to be downloaded.

Check out the video below to see how easy it

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Intranet Connections Intranet Software Draws on Document Management, Employee Collaboration and Enterprise Tools

Intranet Connections Intranet Software will be releasing the latest version of its intranet-in-a-box software in September 2009. Version 9.5 helps to merge the social and collaborative networking of social media with the practical intranet tools that are necessary in assisting employees with their day-to-day duties.

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Intranet Blogs

Intranet Blogs from Intranet Connections on Vimeo.
Intranet blogs are easy to set up to design project blogs and collaborative workspaces. Assign memberships and decide who can read the blog, comment on postings, and contribute postings. Push alerts to users and groups with the click of a button. Archives, multiple attachments and popular tagging to help group and organize information.

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Homepage Widgets

Intranet Widgets from Intranet Connections on Vimeo.

Push application content to the site home page with an intranet widgets tool. Simply create a widget for any of the popular intranet applications, fully customize, and place the widget anywhere on the home page layout.

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Intranet Stats Software

Intranet Stats from Intranet Connections on Vimeo.

Stats is a robust tracking and reporting tool that is custom built for your Intranet. Track site usage, content audits, and page popularity. Stats also provides information on user activity and site behavior, and can be invaluable when tracking audit trails in monitoring contributions, edits and deletion of content.

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Active Directory Integration

Intranet Active Directory Integration from Intranet Connections on Vimeo.
With AD integration enabled, your intranet users and group memberships can be driven directly from Active Directory allowing for a seamless and automated, real-time data sync.

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