A Moment of Inspiration

One year ago, during an ordinary morning huddle, our huddlemaster asked three little words: What inspires you? We are on the precipice of something great, and we can't wait to tell you what it is. We are inspired by what we are working towards. We are inspired by our colleagues who make it happen. We are inspired by the endless creativity of our customers. When Intranet Connections was created in 1999, we wanted to be more than just another software. We built an intuitive platform that doesn't require a degree in computer science to figure out. Since then, our

Homepage Design Contest – Enter to Win a $100 Gift Card!

14.5 Homepage Design Contest - Storyboard Edition! The Details: We'd love to see how our favorite customers are using their newest feature from the 14.5 Elevate Experience - storyboard. Submit your homepage screenshot here for a chance to win a $100 Starbucks gift card, or a $100 donation to a charity of your choice. There are a few rules that you must follow these in order to be entered: You must grant us permission to share your intranet design on our website and in marketing initiatives. Your screenshot must include your storyboard. Any sensitive information needs to be blurred out or deleted.

Amica Mature LifeStyle Inc. Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Summary: In this case study, we discuss healthcare mergers and acquisitions, content management systems, and how Amica Mature Lifestyles Inc. applied their intranet during a nationwide company expansion. When Sarah Santaluce was referred to Intranet Connections in 2015, she compared our product against a few competitors, but ultimately decided our healthcare intranet was the best option. Not only did Intranet Connection provide a central content management system for their multiple locations to collaborate, it promoted organizational acceptance and internal communication. 6 months later, Sarah’s company acquired Amica Mature Lifestyle Inc.  Amica had a much larger group of communities and more

3 Time Saving Ideas for the Office – Reducing Email Volume

Summary: Reducing email volume is a primary goal for many organizations. We have provided 3 unqiue time-saving ideas for your office! Don't work harder; work smarter. There's a finite amount of time we spend at the office so being efficient and highly productive are crucial. Don't worry though - there are a variety of ways you can ease the time-crunch. Below are three time-saving ideas for your office that are sure to help your team to get sh*t done. Spoiler alert: they all focus on reducing email volume. 1. Reduce Email Volume. Remove All Staff Emails. “But I love my excess

Super Search Launch Scavenger Hunt

At Intranet Connections, we work hard so that we can play hard. Our dedicated team has been working extra hard on our latest product release, Super Search (now available). Super Search is designed to maximize productivity in the workplace and revolutionize enterprise search. The release includes a completely overhauled search  engine and user interface (UI), with additional features, including: Display Cards Search Filters Advanced Search Options Search Security And much more... Since we have been working so hard, our Fearless Founder, Carolyn Douglas, decided to reward us with an official Super Search Launch Party with a search of our

Happy Holidays from Your Intranet Software!

2014 A Year of New Intranet Software As the year draws to a close and the holiday season is upon us, I enjoy taking the time to reflect on a productive and full year. In 2014, many of you embarked on intranet redesigns and we were thrilled to see most of you upgrade to our "Mega Release" and utilize the awesome power of Mega Menus. We also stepped into a new adventure and introduced two new intranet software products, our Financial Intranet and Healthcare Intranet, which have both been welcomed with resounding success and a lot of idea sharing! From MEGA to SUPER

Brandon Ricci – In Memoriam

It is with a very heavy heart that I share with our Intranet Connections Family & Community of the sudden passing of one of our team members at Intranet Connections, Brandon (Brando) Ricci. Our hearts go out to his family and friends during this very difficult time. A Passionate Team Member Brandon joined our Intranet Connections team in August of this year as a Support Technician, diving in to help and connect with our Intranet Connections' clients. He had a strong passion for technology and was eager to learn about web-based technologies, intranets and different server environments. A Quick Study