Chill Out! Reduce Stress with these Intranet Tips

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Chill Out! Reduce Stress with these Intranet Tips

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Stay cool while you manage your intranet with these tips:

Provide information that inspires your employees. An intranet effectively brings together all of its employees and gives them the latest information and tools that your company needs to share its culture and message.  Implement an intranet that engages employees, promotes corporate culture and encourages collaboration between employees.

Send the right message to your users. Have a clear message about how the intranet benefits the organization and its employees. In a recent article on the Step Two Designs blog, James Robertson wrote a great post about the importance of building a high-quality intranet:

Make finding Human Resources documents and information straightforward. Create a Human Resources department site that houses important documents and policies. Add links to access health benefits, medical, dental and 401K plan information.

Are your employees having a difficult time understanding how to use the intranet? Make the transition stress free: provide documentation or host webinars that clearly show how to use the site.

Feeling sluggish? Promote workplace health and wellness on your intranet. A common cause of work related stress is not enough breaks or activity throughout the day. A good resolution? Create a department page devoted to health and wellness. Within this site, encourage employees to take a stroll at lunchtime, promote work/life balance and provide them with healthy lifestyle tips that they can do at work and at home.

Use rotating widgets to provide short snippets of information daily, weekly or monthly. No need to worry about constantly updating content, upload an infinite number of posts for rotations.

Keep your intranet lean and mean. De-clutter your site by filtering where and how much content you provide for employees.

Engage with employees on the intranet. Start a suggestion box or discussion forum that collects employee’s feedback on the site.



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