As winter creeps up on us, so does the ever present flu virus. This fall one of our Intranet Connections customers, the City of Aspen, wants to help combat common work place viruses by using their intranet Training and Booking Calendar to make it easy for employees registering for flu vaccinations, blood tests, tetanus shots and skin checks.

The City offers its employees a wellness program that includes an on-site wellness nutritionist, annual wellness fair and educational meetings. The program focuses on providing employees with healthier lifestyle choices – it is designed to keep anyone on their health plan the healthiest they can be. During the annual wellness fair, the City offers flu shots and vaccinations on-site for their employees.

Registration is on their intranet and allows HR to track and organize registrations online and confidentially. Amy Self, HR Benefits Manager, created the signup process to provide an accessible way for employees to get flu shots so that they don’t have to take time away from work to trek to their doctor’s office. Employees can book and receive their vaccinations in about 15 minutes, at work.

Thanks to Amy and the City of Aspen for sharing their idea in how they use their intranet to facilitate the City’s wellness program.

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