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Start Your Collaborative Software Revolution

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Within most organizations, sales and marketing efforts are closely aligned with each other’s business processes. The goals associated with business operations are usually directly or indirectly achieved through an effective sales and marketing process. As such, effective communication and collaboration is essential to a successful sales and marketing processes.

However there are many challenges that must be overcome to achieve this. An effective intranet implementation should deliver collaborative software to increase productivity, improve responsiveness, reduce costs, and boost sales results.

The Challenge without a Collaborative Solution

One of the many challenges facing sales and marketing reps is the task of finding and maintaining accurate and up-to-date sales and marketing collateral, often requiring a fair amount of time spent searching numerous internal sources.

For many organizations this collateral can be paper-based or managed within outdated and overly complex shared drives, which results in its maintenance and upkeep being both expensive and time consuming. To make matters worse, many of these marketing pieces need to be updated on a regular basis as the competitive landscape changes and new features are added.

Within many organizations there is a need for a high degree of communication and collaboration between the sales and marketing groups. There is often a need for better communication with other internal teams as well. The traditional use of email as the primary means for internal communication often results in many answers to questions and other important findings being lost to the information void that internal email creates.

The Collaborative Software Solution

A well constructed collaborative software intranet solution gives sales and marketing teams a platform on which they can improve internal communications and interdepartmental collaboration. By shifting the interactions into the intranet, organizations are able to lower their risk of losing valuable knowledge exchanges to email and water cooler conversations.

The intranet also acts as a centralization point for accessing and publishing of content within the organization which in turn reduces user’s dependency on using complex and often disparate departmental systems to find the information and answers they need.

Here are some specific examples of collaborative software benefits:

  • Product Information – Streamlined access to up-to-date sales and marketing content/collateral
  • Market Research– Centralized access to competitive information and the ability for teams to share additional insights with one another
  • Calendars– Visibility into different events across multiple team and department calendars within a single view
  • Proposals – Teams can work together on complex deals and benefit from additional insights from other team members and increased access for stakeholders in the sales process
  • Training – Manage product training and new release initiatives to better enable sales and marketing teams and post online training resources for products, competitive analysis, professional services & any other relevant materials

Collaborative Software = Sales & Marketing Harmony

With a collaborative software intranet your sales and marketing teams will be better equipped to communicate and collaborate with one another as well as gain more immediate access to the answers they need to deliver faster and more accurate responses to your customers and prospects. Bottom line, a collaborative software solution will improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and most importantly increase sales results.

Find out more about our collaborative software solution at Intranet Connections by Requesting our 20-Minute Intranet Product Demo.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:42+00:00 February 14, 2013|Intranet Software|

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