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How To Improve Company Culture At Your Organization

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Summary: Leverage your internal communication tools to drive home what your company stands for.

“Describe your company culture” is a common question asked by my peers after starting out with a new organization. Luckily, I was able to answer this almost immediately at Intranet Connections, largely in part to our internal communication hub; the intranet. As employees rate their company’s qualities 20% higher at companies with strong cultures, it’s important to foster and develop these key cultural values right away. Why not use a digital interface to help boost culture adoption? With employees (especially us office workers) spending most of the day staring at a screen, there are multiple ways to use your intranet to reinforce who you are as a company.

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Take Advantage of Multiple Communication Tools

Intranet Connection comes with a wide range of communication tools to reach everyone in your company. From the more commonly used broadcast applications like company news and events to your internal blog, knowledge base, and photo albums, there’s a ton of pre-built tools to frequently impart your unique culture on employees. You can even subscribe users to certain applications so they’ll receive friendly notifications when new content is posted.

Engage Employees

It’s not always enough as an employee to simply look at content, I want to actually engage with my managers and coworkers in a public forum if I’m going to truly feel like I’m part of the community. With reactionary tools such as commenting and liking, employees will get excited to have their say on a piece of content. You can also implement some direct discourse with discussion boards or my personal favorite, the water cooler, to stimulate some group chatter. Implement polls and surveys (even anonymously) for some democratic decision making so employees feel they’re part of the company’s big changes, or even offer team awards for groups who use the intranet the most by using the statistics module for usage insights!

Celebrate your staff

Show your staff that employee development, growth, and well-being are at your cultural core by proudly displaying achievements such as work anniversaries, birthdays, and new hires directly on your intranet landing page. People will come to the intranet to find things they need (documents, forms, important links), but will be thrilled to see themselves celebrated on the main site. Intranet Connections even has an employee recognition app to offer kudos to staff for specific achievements. Finally, give users the power to showcase their skills and achievements on their detailed employee cards in the directory.

Are your employees regularly exposed to your culture?

94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success. Having defined this culture is fantastic; being able to effectively deliver it to new and existing employees is the next step to greatness. With an opportunity to use a software with so many out-of-the-box features tailored towards broad and direct employee communication, don’t miss out by not using it to it’s full potential. Making use of even just half of the tools listed above will allow you to effectively transmit your company vision, mission, and core beliefs to your employees so that everyone can work together towards a common goal.

The workplace culture here at Intranet Connections surrounding simplicity, positivity, integrity, creativity, and empathy were all clearly shown to me immediately and frequently via our use of our own intranet product. If you have any more thoughts on using internal communications to grow cultural awareness, please share with me in the comments below!

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By | 2018-08-21T11:32:20+00:00 March 16, 2018|Employee Engagement|

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