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Connect. Collaborate. Create. with Intranet Connections

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You may have noticed that recently we revamped our Intranet Connections, logo with a new tagline: Connect. Collaborate. Create.  However, this is more than just a change to our logo, it speaks to how Intranet Connections helps and interacts with organizations every day.

How We Connect. Collaborate. Create

Connect. Collaborate. Create. not only showcases what our intranet software, helps you and your organization do better, but also it speaks to all facets of what we do at Intranet Connections. This includes our interactions with you – our customers, our Intranet Connections family, and potential clients that would like to join the Intranet Connections Family in how we:

  • CONNECT: through interfaces in our intranet software, through ongoing communications from our team and one-on-one support for our Support Services Team.
  • COLLABORATE: by submitting new feature requests, inquiring on ways to tailor your intranet to your employee needs and through our product/case study webinars.
  • CREATE: through integrating your customer ideas into each new software release and helping you tailor intranet features to fit the needs of your employees.

How We Help You – Be The Hero

As a way to communicate our Connect. Collaborate. Create. message we created a short video, featuring some of our very own in-house talent, to help new customers and current customers understand the benefits of connecting, collaborating and creating with Intranet Connections.  Watch our fun two minute video below and let us know what you think (please comment below & subscribe to our YouTube channel).

Beyond the logo and video, we have also realigned our intranet software under these three categories to show how Intranet Connections can help you better connect, collaborate and create which leads to stronger employee engagement, improved productivity and significant time-cost savings.



Let’s start with CONNECT. Facilitating ways for your organization to connect and communicate better is one of the primary strengthens of Intranet Connections. Our thousands of customers worldwide CONNECT with:

Connecting with Intranet Connections is simple, just as Stacy Lowman from World Travel Holdings describes below:

Intranet Testimonial

“Intranet Connections has changed the way we have conversations with our employees. The tool offers a plethora of out-of-the-box functionality, offering solutions to everyday challenges related to how information is disseminated throughout the organization. The support provided by the team at Intranet Connections is the icing on the cake.”

Stacy Lowman, World Travel Holdings



Organizations learn, grow and gain efficiency through a means to COLLABORATE. Intranet Connections provides a variety of tools that enable collaboration throughout your business, from small project groups or teams to entire company discussions. Our clients in Finance, Healthcare, Government/Public Service and over 17 other industries COLLABORATE with:

  • Content Management: using Document Management, Policy Review, Document Read/Agree, Document Versioning & Content Archiving
  • Employee Engagement: through Company News, Discussion Forums, Blogging, Community Sites, Quick Polls & Event Calendars
  • eLearning & Onboarding: utilizing Online Training Calendar, Online Tests, Interactive Tutorials, Online Surveys & more
Collaborating with Intranet Connections is easy, just ask Ryan Sonnenberg from Pima Federal Credit Union:

Financial Intranet Software Testimonial

“Honestly, the time-savings we benefited from using Intranet Connections are incalculable. By switching to Intranet Connections, we were able to quickly and easily manage, update, and create over 850 documents. This process was full-time under our previous intranet provider, now we do it in a matter of minutes.”

Ryan Sonnenberg, Pima Federal Credit Union



Creating is often the largest obstacle organizations have to overcome, especially with the resources, technical means, and time and know-how to do so in-house. That is what is so fantastic about Intranet Connections. You don’t have to be a technical guru, graphic designer or rocket scientist to create. Intranet Connections makes creating on your intranet simple with e-forms, automated workflows, drag & drop functionality, role delegation, advanced permissioning and more. Find out how our many happy customers create with:

  • eForms & Workflows: including Online Forms, Publishing Workflows, Dynamic Forms, Mileage Calculation, Embedded Spreadsheets & more
  • Intranet Design & Architecture: utilizing Simple Design Builder, Mega Menus Navigation, HTML Content Pages and Page Hierarchy
  • Intranet Management: through AD Sync, Admin Role Delegation, Intranet Security, Single Sign-On, User Permissions & Impersonate a Login
Creating with Intranet Connections is effortless, just as Michael Ward from Anderson Hospital explains:

Intranet Testimonial

“We have had Intranet Connections since 2006 and their customer support team is absolutely second to none. The product is easy to use and navigate and it grows with your organizational needs. We are a 150 bed hospital with about 2500 users (staff, physicians, and business partners). Our biggest use of the intranet is for communication on new policies, new orders/protocols, call schedules, and a slew of electronic forms to submit data.”

Michael Ward, Anderson Hospital

Share Your Connect, Collaborate, Create Stories

We are blown away by the different ways Intranet Connections’ customers Connect. Collaborate. Create. in ways we have never seen before. Let us know how you connect, collaborate or create by commenting below.

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