How well do you know the CEO of your organization? Are they frequently on the road or are they in an entirely different office? A social intranet is a great tool to connect employees to management. An executive can use the social intranet to set the cultural tone of the company and to inform employees about organizational plans.

The CEO has the power to be social and share social things. Put a face to a name and make an executive presence on your intranet. Open yourself up to questions and comments from employees. They are the ones working for you, after all. An executive can use the intranet to announce new clients and mergers, share information about product releases and expand on important internal updates from various departments.

Here are 5 ways an executive can promote employee adoption and engagement on your intranet:

  1. Empower your employees on the social intranet; have your CEO encourage the use of social tools like message walls, status updates and personalized work spaces
  2. Get your CEO blogging
  3. Have your CEO respond to discussions and posts
  4. Start a bi-weekly CEO chat session
  5. Link company wide emails from the CEO back to the intranet

Get your CEO connected with

Takeaway: Remind employees about the goals of your organization using your intranet. Build trust within workplace communities on your intranet and share the information with the social tools available to you.

How are your executives involved in encouraging the use of your intranet?

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