Continuous Intranet ROI for Your Business

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Continuous Intranet ROI for Your Business

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When implementing a new intranet solution, many organizations focus on intranet ROI and how this new solution will benefit the organization in the long run.  After a number of years though, ROI is still just as important as ever.

Based on our current customer base, the average Intranet Connections customer has been using the software for six years.  Many have been with us for over 10 years, and some since our foundation in 1999.  So, how do these customers ensure they are achieving continuous intranet ROI for their business after this long period of time?

The following 5 tips will help you achieve continuous intranet ROI:

1. Reduce Employee Turnover

There are a ton of collaborative tools that you can implement on your intranet site to boost employee engagement and enhance your corporate culture, such as:

If you aren’t already using these features, consider turning them on to enhance employee satisfaction, increase intranet adoption and reduce turnover within your organization.

2. Streamline Training with E-Learning

When implementing a new intranet, the tools related to employee training most often aren’t used right away, however they can contribute to huge intranet ROI.  The three largest training features include a training video library, an Online Training Calendar and Online Tests with automated scoring and randomized question banks.  These three tools ensure that your employees are educated and informed, enhancing job satisfaction and reducing employee errors.

3. Retain Employee Knowledge

When employees leave the organization, they take their knowledge with them.  The effect of this is especially felt when an employee has been with the organization for a number of years, as it creates a steep learning curve for new employees who take over these positions.

Creating an online knowledgebase allows employees to leave their knowledge behind, and for new employees to quickly and easily search for information about their new position. It also gives new employees a chance to add their expertise to the knowledgebase, constantly building it for future employees.

4. Uncover Cost-Saving Ideas

Your employees are a wealth of knowledge within your organization when it comes to coming up with ideas for generating cost-savings within the company. However, if you don’t given them a forum to post their opinions, you could be looking at missed opportunities.

Gather employee ideas through an Idea Share Exchange application, which allows employees to post cost-savings ideas and have other employees comment and rate these ideas for a more collaborative effect.  Alternatively, you could create an anonymous Online Form, which is submitted and routed to a user in charge of receiving these suggestions, which are then organized and implemented based on available resources.

5. Remove Paper Processes

Online Forms and Automated Workflows are at the center of intranet ROI. No matter how long you’ve had your intranet, there are likely internal forms that you still use PDF or Excel versions of, which can be turned into online interactive forms with automated routing and workflow. Streamlining your form submission process by creating these forms using the online Form Builder tool, allows you to store all responses in one place, and automate workflow routing so that no form responses get lost in the shuffle.

Reap Continuous Intranet ROI

The above points will ensure that you don’t run out of momentum after your initial intranet launch. Follow these steps to achieve continuous intranet ROI. Do you have specific ways that you continue to achieve Intranet ROI within your organization?  I’d love to hear them.  Please leave your comments below.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:06+00:00 August 24, 2015|Best Practices, Leadership & Strategy|

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