Conquering The Corporate Onboarding Process

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Conquering The Corporate Onboarding Process

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Summary:  Conquering the corporate onboarding process – why getting started at Intranet Connections was a breeze.

Starting at a new job can become a daunting task. Often, new recruits find themselves overwhelmed during the corporate onboarding process. Information overload and new policies can start to dilute the process of learning their new role. Luckily for us, Intranet Connections provides the tools to circumvent these issues.

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1. Names… So Many Names

For those blessed with a perfect memory, feel free to gloss over this section. For the rest of us, remembering an entire office worth of names and titles on your first try can be pretty tricky. Instead of going through the ol’ “pronouns only” routine for my first week, Intranet Connections provided a consolidated employee directory complete with contact information, areas of expertise, personal interests, and their role within the organization. This not only helped to avoid an awkward conversation or two, but it made me feel at home right away. Guidance from the right colleague was never more than a click away.

2. Getting Started

At times while I was learning the ins and outs of my new position, I found myself somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of new information being thrown my way. Company policies, technical terms, process structure, new tools and platforms, you name it, I had to learn it. Thankfully, with Intranet Connections’ e-learning and onboarding functionality, my progression into a fully functioning member of the team was fast and stress-free. I was able to utilize tools like:

  1. Immersive Online Training and Testing
    1. Complete with question banks, automated scoring, and review
  2. Multi-Session Course Scheduling
    1. Class registration and waitlists
  3. Interactive Tutorials
    1. Customized specifically for my role
  4. Recorded Media & Scripts
    1. Great for referencing previously successful models

Overall, my experience getting started with Intranet Connections could be defined in 3 words: comfortable, intuitive, and streamlined.

3. Resources

As I settled into my new position, I found myself constantly looking for documents and resources to better accomplish the tasks given to me. In previous jobs, these documents were typically spread out across multiple physical and digital locations. Which, obviously, made tracking down these resources quite a pain.

Instead of a sifting through a stack of documents comparable to Mt. Everest, all I needed to do was to click on a single knowledgebase folder within our intranet. The folder contained several FAQ pages, document templates, process flow charts, and plenty of links to relevant external resources. Furthermore, simply typing a phrase into the search box returned a “google-esque” page filled with all of the documents throughout the entire intranet related to my search. It even returned documents and posts that contained my phrase within their body and provided me with a simplified preview of the document itself. No more headaches!

Perfecting The Corporate Onboarding Process

Starting a new job is something that should be exciting and positive, and therefore the corporate onboarding process should reflect that. Making employees feel welcome in a new environment is a key driver to their own personal growth, which translates directly to the growth of the company itself. I know from my personal experience here at Intranet Connections that integration into the company culture is just as important as integration into the role itself.

I’d love to hear some of your own experiences with employee onboarding!

Maybe you have your own unusually positive learning experience to share, or maybe you’ve experienced firsthand the frustration and sloppiness of an ineffective onboarding procedure; regardless, tell us your story!

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