Creating an intranet governance model

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Creating an intranet governance model

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Many intranets teams are tasked with ‘creating intranet governance’ without further guidance on what that means for the organisation or a clear understanding of what it should contain.

Governance is about having a framework in place that enables the decision-making and planning processes for the intranet. It provides support for the intranet team and assists with the smooth running of the intranet.

This article discusses the different elements that can make up your governance guide with brief explanations and suggested topics to include in each one. Best of all, the guide can be written incrementally within the intranet team’s time and resources. Stuck with limited time? Start by creating the Five key intranet policies referred to in the earlier article of the same name.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to intranet governance. We suggest looking at the various elements and identifying what is necessary for your organisation. Considering the audience and organisational culture will ultimately guide the process.

The earlier article The basics of governance outlined elements that are present in any governance model including:

  • strategy
  • ownership
  • roles and responsibilities
  • policies and guidelines
  • feedback
  • support
  • training
Keep reading Rebecca’s blog post to learn how you can develop a governance model that is right for your organisation
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