The Support Team at Intranet Connections get to see a lot of unique intranet ideas from our clients who achieve fun and exciting intranet features by customizing the many tools available on our intranet platform.  While we are an out-of-the-box solution, which requires no back-end customization, that doesn’t mean all of our clients intranets are the same. Intranet features can be creatively adjusted for optimal results. We spoke to Leo Marnero’s from Gold Coast Hospital and Joe Culbertson from Rockdale Medical Center to see what they’ve done to customize their intranet in creative ways. 

Intranet Tools Empowering Intranet Ideas

Intranet Connections has built-in editors, drag n’ drop tools and intelligent theme builders that allow our customers to easily personalize, and uniquely brand, your intranet to your business.  Additionally, our clients have developed some incredibly creative intranet ideas around features, processes and content to engage and inspire their users using our Application Builder.

Employee Recognition Intranet Ideas & More

In a previous blog, Intranet Connection’s Marketing Manager, Erica Hakonson, unveiled our Employee Recognition application.  The interest in this application, and the amount of clients that rushed to deploy it, was overwhelming and inspiring.  Given the keen interest in creative intranet ideas, we began recording unique ways our customers are using our application and software.  Here are a couple we’d like to highlight due to their great engagement rates:

Feedback Application

Leo Marneros from Gold Coast Hospital designed a Feedback Application using Appbuilder that allows Senior Medical Staff to record their comments after working with interns:

“The folders are locked down to our Consultants and Senior Medical Staff (allowing them to comment after working a shift with junior staff). The coordinator of the feedback program can then log in and see a more widespread view of comments from senior staff when they sit down for the formal mid-term and end-term assessments. There are 10-12 Interns every 10 weeks, and around the same middle-level doctors too. It means feedback is gathered from a variety of sources, it is contemporaneous, and it is well documented (and secured/archived). The assessment is archived after the term finishes.”

— Leo Marneros 

Creative Intranet Idea - Feedback Application

Employee of the Year

Joe Culbertson, from Rockdale Medical Center, wanted to build an Employee of the Year voting submission form.  I suggested using Online Forms, so that users could view each employee being nominated and select their choice using a drop-down menu.  Form Builder allows you to limit one submission per user, and view responses in a simple graph format to determine the winner.  This graph could then be posted on the home page to use as a visual representation for users.

Employee of the Year Application - Creative Intranet Idea

Ready to deploy these creative intranet ideas on your Intranet Connections site?  Check out Intranet Connections Support Knowledge Base on these specific how-to articles.

Share Your Intranet Ideas

Have you implemented creative intranet ideas on your intranet?  We’d love to hear them!  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally posted on May 9th, 2013 and has been edited for updates and accuracy.

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