A hot topic this fall is the outbreak of H1N1 (aka swine flu) and businesses world wide are bracing for the impact.  For credit unions, workplace topics surrounding the swine flu are prevalent in order to educate their employees and provide safety measures for front-line staff dealing with the public.

When the swine flu reached California in the spring of this year, San Diego based USA Federal Credit Union used their intranet to broadcast alerts and swine flu updates to their staff on a daily basis.  They used their intranet software to provide practical tips for employees to personally cope with the threat of a pandemic.  When the situation escalated, the intranet was used to notify employees on the front lines and make them aware that masks, gloves and cleaning agents were being provided for their safety and how to obtain them.  Sick employees were instructed to stay at home through regular intranet postings.

Jim Ward, who had written the credit union’s pandemic flu policy, posted it on their intranet and is ready for the next round of flu outbreak.  Having a plan in place that can be accessed by each and every employees is central to the organization not going into panic mode.  When the lines of communication are open, it helps to alleviate the stress felt by all.  “Even the smallest steps taken to prepare can have a calming effect when fears are heightened” explained Jim Ward.

Some other great resources for tips on getting your intranet ready in case of a flu pandemic this fall:

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How has your business dealt with educating employees for the H1N1 / swine flu?

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