Kelly Bristow is running late for work. She is the Intranet Manager at West Coast Savings Credit Union (WCSCU) and is the primary administrator for their intranet site, The Buzz. Kelly has a 9:30 meet with her content managers to go over project status updates and at 8:45 she’s tapping her foot waiting on her Starbucks vanilla latte. Caffeine first, then race to the office.


Kelly breezes past reception and waves a hello to Colin working the desk. She runs down the stairs to the Communications department and enters her office, flips on her monitor and brings up Outlook and Firefox. The Buzz intranet loads by default on all web browsers in the credit union. When they launched the intranet almost a year ago, they worked with IT to use the built-in Active Directory sync, which also auto-authenticates from everyone’s network login. “Hello Buzz” thinks Kelly as she sees her welcome message on the home page and launches her personal hub.

Kelly’s hub shows the latest Buzz News. Two new items this morning: an advertisement for an upcoming training course on Microsoft Word, and the daily posted rates. Interest rates up another point. As she sips on her coffee, Kelly notices three new alerts to check out and an Internal Communications post pending her approval. She turns her attention to the IC post, reads it and notes down her feedback before returning the item back to Brent Myers, the Member Services Rep, for revision.

That task taken care of, Kelly returns to her Hub to see what the other alerts were. There’s a new post from Morgan in Finance, requesting that employees sign up for a charity run benefiting the Canadian Cancer Society. Kelly recently joined a running club at the office and is up for the challenge of a 10K run. She leaves a quick comment on the post letting Morgan know that she would love to participate.

The other two alerts notify Kelly of two new comments on the books she recommended in the Reading Room, but for now they will have to wait as she needs get to that meeting. A quick status change from her Hub to let everyone else in the office know that she is in a meeting and she rushes out the door, notebook and pen in hand.

“A Day in the Life of an Intranet” is a blog post series by Rachel Lai of Intranet Connections that explores how employees at the fictional company West Coast Savings Credit Union interact with their intranet, The Buzz, during the course of a day at the office

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