Brent Myers is a Member Services Rep and part of the Communications team at West Coast Savings Credit Union. Brent is often involved in content development for The Buzz intranet and is currently in a project update meeting that is coming to a close.

“Great, well if no one has anything else to add, let’s wrap this meeting up”, says Kelly Bristow, the Intranet Manager. “Brent will put his notes up on The Buzz for reference.” Brent flashes Kelly a smile as he gathers up his notepad and pen.

Back at his desk, Brent brings up The Buzz Intranet in a new web browser and heads into the documents area in the Communications Site. He expands the tree navigation and clicks on the “Intranet Meetings” folder where they log their notes and action points for the intranet team to share. Another click and he’s ready to create his web doc for this morning’s meeting notes. A few formatting changes – bolding action points and changing the font color of the due dates to red, and he’s done.

Brent knows that the other members of the intranet team will receive an alert in their hubs, letting them know of the new meeting notes so he saves the web doc then leaves a comment on the document telling the other content managers to feel free to edit the web doc and add any additional points he’s left off.

Next Brent checks his email and sees that Kelly wants him to re-work his internal communication post so he goes back into The Buzz and opens his hub to access the declined content and view the feedback Kelly has given him. Another busy morning as Brent digs in to make changes to his communications post before sending it back into the approval process.

“A Day in the Life of an Intranet” is a blog post series by Rachel Lai of Intranet Connections that explores how employees at the fictional company West Coast Savings Credit Union interact with their intranet, The Buzz, during the course of a day at the office

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