A Day in the Life of an Intranet (Part 5 of 5)

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A Day in the Life of an Intranet (Part 5 of 5)

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Brad Walton is the Training and Recruitment Specialist at West Coast Savings Credit Union. He works with the department and branch managers to recruit and fulfill staff needs within the credit union. Over the past few weeks Brad has been working with Helen Whithall, the manager of their Main Street branch, to hire a new teller.

Brad has just finished adding a new training course to the Career, Health and Wellness area of The Buzz Intranet when he receives an intranet chat message from Helen letting him know that she has selected Steve Birk to fill the teller position out of all the candidates they interviewed. Brad has all of the applicants’ resumes on file so Helen leaves him to complete the rest of hiring process.

Brad pulls out Steve’s resume, calls him to offer him the position and firm up his start date. That task out of the way, Brad opens up the E-Forms area in The Buzz where all the corporate forms for the credit union are stored. He navigates to the Employee Forms area so he can fill out the ‘New Employee Form’ that is set up to help streamline the internal processes associated with hiring a new staff member.

He starts by filling in Steve’s first and last name then selects Steve’s department. The department field is a SQL query that pulls in the list of departments from the Employee Directory on the intranet. If a new department is added, or changes, within the Employee Directory, the New Employee Form will automatically see it. Brad types in Steve’s title, selects the agreed upon start date from the calendar date tool and checks the following options for IT to create a user account in Steve’s name:

Add to Active Directory
Create an email in Exchange
Create User in Payroll System
Set up HUB in The Buzz
Send out Welcome Package

Referring to the Activities and Interests section on Steve’s resume, Brad types in a quick blurb about the new employee. This information will be used in Steve’s profile on The Buzz intranet and Steve can modify it once he starts. Brad leaves the upload field for Steve’s photo blank as it will be added to the intranet after Steve gets his photo taken for his security card on his first day.

In the Approvals section of the form, Brad selects Helen’s name from the pre-populated list of managers. Helen will be Steve’s manager, and she needs to approve the information on the form first. Then it will be routed to Heather Jenkins, the HR manager, and then Karen Parson, the IT manager. By signing off on the form Helen acknowledges that she approved the new hire and both the HR and IT managers agree to their departments completing the tasks associated on the form. Lastly, Greg Tolsten, the Network Administrator, is notified of the form response so that he can take care of all the necessary action tasks and create the user accounts.

Brad clicks on the submit button to send the form on its way, knowing that he will be notified once it has moved through all the approval stages.

“A Day in the Life of an Intranet” is a blog post series by Rachel Lai of Intranet Connections that explores how employees at the fictional company West Coast Savings Credit Union interact with their intranet, The Buzz, during the course of a day at the office

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