A few weeks ago, content strategy advocate Jonathan Khan wrote an article about Strategic Content Management. Khan explains that customers must be aware of the project’s specific needs before selecting a Content Management System and that any CMS that is selected will require some degree of customization.

This is valuable advice for anyone initiating an intranet project as any new implementation will need to include at least cosmetic changes. These would include changing the site theme to reflect corporate colors and branding, modifying the menu navigation and site layout to your requirements, and building your own department sub-sites.

It’s essential, then, to evaluate a product by asking two important questions: how EASY will it be for me to customize this solution and can I Do It Myself? Keep in mind that time spent coding a custom menu or getting knee-deep into CSS layouts and design is time lost for developing content, educating your users and setting up a governance strategy for your site, all very important areas in an intranet launch that will ultimately affect the overall adoption of your intranet. Does the product allow you to deploy your necessary changes in a quick, seamless and approachable interface?

Over the next few weeks, we will be previewing some of the new features of Intranet Connections Intranet 2.0 Software that speak to the ease and simplicity of building and setting up your intranet site using our software.

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