Eight Intranet Design Mistakes

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Eight Intranet Design Mistakes

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The Step Two Designs Blog is a wealth of intranet resources. We are a big fan of their philosophy and vision for social intranets and the digital workplace. This week we feature a snippet from a feature they wrote on 8 intranet design mistakes to watch out for when implementing or taking on a re-design of your intranet site.

Intranet projects are challenging at the best of times. Sites are large and content rich. Project teams are often thrown into the deep end, with many constraints and expectations.

Intranet projects may confront challenges such as:

  • unclear intranet ownership and governance
  • tight timeframes
  • limited (and often insufficient) budgets
  • varied (and sometimes competing) stakeholder opinions
  • large number of end users (staff), with widely varying needs
  • technology considerations and constraints
  • limited team experience and skills relating to intranets
  • poor access to best practices and other intranets

Is it any wonder that intranet projects go off the rails? Even the most experienced and well-resourced teams can struggle under these circumstances.

It is useful to explore common mistakes made on intranet projects. These have been distilled from observations across many organisations, in both the public and private sectors.

The purpose of outlining these problems is to help teams avoid them, and to highlight good practices.


Eight mistakes

This article outlines eight common mistakes encountered when designing or redesigning intranets:

  1. Not testing with staff
  2. Designing by opinion
  3. Designing only half of the intranet
  4. Taking a publisher’s perspective
  5. Allowing technology to rule the design
  6. Copying intranet designs
  7. Designing in a hurry
  8. Not designing for the long term

Get at in depth look at these eight design mistakes on the Step Two Designs blog

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