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Employee Profile: Monica Zlotnik – Meet The Team

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Summary: Our robust, intuitive and easy-to-use intranet software is in high demand, but it’s our staff who run the show! Introducing Monica Zlotnik, our Human Resources Manager, on this edition of Meet The Team – Employee Profile.

If you check out our team page full of smiling and laughing people, or our about page with unique employee incentives, you’ve met ‘in spirit’, Monica Zlotnik. From her incredible listening skills to her passionate celebratory events, Monica represents all of our core values, namely positivity, and empathy. I sat down with Monica to learn more about her background, how she started her HR journey and what her favorite feature of an intranet is!

Employee Profile: Monica Zlotnik, Human Resources

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

A: I was born in Bogota ( Colombia) at a time where there were lots of challenges because of Escobar and the drug cartels. Due to work, my family traveled a lot, so I grew up surrounded by different cultures. The experience made me quite empathetic to the different people and their backgrounds.  I began loving travel and meeting new people from an early age and learning about the differences in the cultures even in the same country.  I returned to Bogota and completed my Bachelor’s degree but had the urge to continue exploring so I decided to move to London (England) to improve my English and study. I took a course at London School of Economics where I met my husband who was also studying there.  He was originally from Vancouver and told me all about this beautiful part of the world.

While living in London I traveled all around Europe, North of Africa, especially loving Spain (where my background was). My grandparents were from Galicia but I  never had the chance to travel there until I was in England, so I did as many times as I was able to, to learn more about the culture and especially the food and wine that I loved.

After getting married and spending 4 and a half years living in London. my husband and I moved to Vancouver where I have been living since the end of 2008 and I fell in love with the city nature, the ocean, and the people.

Q: How Long Have You Been Working For Intranet Connections?

A: I have been working, and thriving, at Intranet Connections since December 2016. A brief background of how I started here; I worked for many years in London and here in Vancouver in Admin with Financial and Investment companies until I had my kids and took a break for a few years to raise them and spend time with them.

Then, in 2014, I went back to school and started earning my HR Management certificate because I wanted to focus in HR and I wanted to go back to the workforce and do what I was always passionate about; working with people and helping employees and organizations to align their goals.

Q: Which Core Value Do You Relate To The Most? Simplicity, Positivity, Integrity, Creativity or Empathy?

A: The primary reason I feel so engaged with the company is that their core values, and my own core values, are so intertwined. In my position, I strive to bring a positive work environment to everyone, promote an inclusive atmosphere, and recognizing the talent we have in our organization. Having moved so much in my life, empathy is a core value I hold deeply and bring with me to any interview, meeting, team event and more. Finally, creativity is a core value I luckily get to dabble in frequently, from planning PJ Days to GoKarting, I love seeing our team bond and finding new ways to bring everyone together.

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Q: What’s One Intranet Feature You Can’t Work Without:

A: For me to manage all our HR components, I need the resources area where I can find all the features to access any HR document from onboarding to timesheets submissions, holidays request, policies etc.

The HR industry enjoys our out-of-the-box intranet, especially the ability to submit online forms easily. We can turn approval of a time-off request from 3 days and countless emails, to a few minutes.

Q: What Do You Like To Do Outside Of Work?

A: I love being with my kids and spending quality time with them. I also love running and participating in challenging races like Spartan, traveling within in BC (and abroad), learning about cultures and, recently, I’m back into knitting! That being said, we all know I love dancing, right?

Q: If You Created A Slogan For Your Life, What Would It Be?

A: Life is an adventure that takes you to places you never imagine you always wanted to be!

Monica Zlotnik Employee Profile

Great things come in small packages! Monica’s just tall enough to ride the GoKarts! (Rob, CEO, captured the moment).

Having an employee profile in the people directory section of your intranet is a wonderful way to introduce colleagues to one another, and generate employee engagement. Include it in your onboarding process along with an employee photo and contact information. If you have any questions about an employee profile section or would like to learn more about Intranet Connection software, leave us a comment below.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:48:33+00:00 July 20, 2017|Meet the Team|

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