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Employee Recognition on Your Intranet

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Are you building an employee recognition rich culture?  You should be. According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, creating a ‘recognition-rich culture’ can increase employee retention by up to 31%. Now that is a number worth investing in. Employee recognition should not just be based on seniority or years-served. It should happen much more frequently.  Employee recognition should also reward performance and actions that support company goals and initiatives.  How is this currently being done in your business?

Make Employee Recognition Easy & Frequent

Many of our customers were asking how they could easily integrate an employee recognition program into their intranets.  We absolutely understood the need to make employee recognition as simple as sending a ‘thank you’ email for a job well done. Our stellar Support Technician and Client Advocate, Karleen Murphy, took on the challenge of integrating employee recognition into the day-to-day activities on the intranet with great success, creating the Employee Recognition Application.

Kudos to Employees on Your Intranet

The Employee Recognition Application allows peers and supervisors to recognize fellow employees for outstanding work in the select areas of recognition through simply completing a employee recognition nomination form. Recently, long-time Intranet Connections‘ customer, First National Bank, rolled out their ‘Gr8ness Employee Recognition Program’, lead by Vice President and Marketing Director, Laura Pomerene: “Since we have rolled out our ‘Gr8ness Employee Recognition Program’ on February 1st, using Intranet Connections’ application builder, employees have been actively interacting with the program yielding the average use of nearly one recognition nomination a day in the program’s infancy.  Our cross-functional employee committee, who created the program, wanted to make the program as simple and accessible as possible so that everyone could easily nominate and receive nominations. The Employee Recognition Application has done just that by allowing nominators to simply fill out a form with the required information. As soon as the form is complete, the employee name along with a nomination summary appears on the homepage through an application feed widget and the complete recognition nomination appears on the ‘Gr8ness’ program page. In addition, the employee’s supervisor is sent an email after the form is submitted, so if the supervisor isn’t the one nominating, they are instantly aware of their employee’s accomplishment.”

Employee Recognition Rewards

For First National Bank, the Employee Recognition Application is just the beginning of what they have planned for their employee recognition program.  Laura shared some possible ideas for next steps, “we’ve considered taking all the ‘Gr8ness Employee Recognition’ nominations and providing them to our executives so that each employee may be individually recognized by top management for their contributions to the bank.  We’ve also discussed polling our employees to find out what type of employee recognition and rewards incentives motivates them, in essence their motivational currency.”

Speaking of currency, our Company Store application has also been used as a great incentive for employee recognition rewards with credits to spend in their company store.

Rolling Out The Recognition

Follow the lead of First National Bank.  Start the roll out your employee recognition program with a simple peer-to-peer nomination platform, such as the Employee Recognition Applicaton.  What other applications or platforms are you using for employee recognition? How would you like to be recognized by your company as an employee? I’d love to hear about it. Please comment below.

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    The app sounds like just what we’ve been looking for. How do I get a hold of it and how do I learn more about how it works? Great job!

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