Engage Employees by Celebrating Personal Milestones

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Engage Employees by Celebrating Personal Milestones

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Summary: Engage employees on your intranet by adding 3 easy-to-implement personal milestone tools which include; anniversaries, birthdays and employee recognition.

Your intranet is a crucial connection between resources and employees. That being said, once you’ve driven employees to the intranet to retrieve a document or complete an Online Form, there are a variety of ways to engage employees and open up lines of communication regardless of department or location.

By advertising personal milestones employees will no longer be limiting themselves to conversations about the weather. Personal milestones may require some planning (luncheon, cake) or simply prompt a ‘congratulations’ conversation in the hallway and allow employees to engage both on, and off, line! To get started, we’ve made 3 easy-to-implement suggestions for your intranet!

1. Work Anniversaries

Advertising work anniversaries strikes a solid balance between work and personal milestones. Everyone celebrates a little victory the day they are hired and for each year that passes, employees become a more and more valuable asset; understanding the ins and outs of your business plus providing loyalty to your brand. Recently we did site visits with some our clients and found a common issue; avoiding staff turnover among millennials. We sought out solutions to keeping a stronger workforce, some of which your intranet can help with. One key element was employee engagement and making sure you celebrate the workers, and the work they do.

TIP: Advertise work anniversaries in the next 30 days on your intranet Home Page as well as Department Sites for optimal exposure.

2. Birthdays

Ahh birthdays! Birthday’s have quickly gone from one ‘day’ to an entire ‘week’ if not ‘month’ of celebrating (I may be guilty of the latter). Although a birthday doesn’t celebrate an accomplishment associated with work, these are personal milestones that people love to share with their work, friends and family. At Intranet Connections we simply provide the month and day of the birthday and advertise the feed on the Home Page and Department Sites. Birthday’s may require some pre-planning such as organizing a lunch, or picking up a cake, so advertising upcoming birthday’s 60 days or more in advance allows for ample prep.

TIP: Some employees would prefer to keep their birthday private, no problem! Leave the birthday field blank in their Employee Profile and no one will be the wiser.

3. Employee Recognition

Although critiques can be easier to give than compliments, we all need to make room for positive reinforcement in the work place. From emptying the dishwasher to exceeding a quota, there are opportunities for kudos everyday! The expression ‘Rat Race’ to describe work routines can sometimes accurately reflect the way in which we go about our goals. We can get caught up in the ‘big picture’ and overlook accomplishments. Although we want to keep moving forward, Employee Recognition allows us to ‘stop and smell the roses’. Open up Employee Recognition submissions to all staff and if you’d like some added security, create an approval process!

TIP: Add a level of competitiveness to your Employee Recognition submissions by reviewing all throughout the quarter, or year, and award a Kudos of the Year!

There are a variety of ways to personalize your intranet and engage with employees, and these are just a few. Have you created an engaging application on your intranet? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!

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By | 2017-09-15T09:48:54+00:00 March 29, 2016|Intranet Applications, Intranet Software, Social Intranets|

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