Fall Back in Love with Your Intranet Solution

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Fall Back in Love with Your Intranet Solution

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Summary: 3 tips to help you fall back in love with your intranet solution, including content clean-up, design refresh and dividing intranet administration up among multiple people.

You’ve spent a few good years with your intranet, then one morning you wake up wondering… is that all there is? It seems to have lost the level of engagement it once had, and that necessary spark has disappeared. At one point, your intranet was useful, efficient and helped to complete daily work tasks. I am here to remind you that all hope is not lost! Renew your intranet to its former glory and re-ignite the spark. Fall back in love with your intranet solution with these simple tips.

1. Control & Manage Content

One of the main reasons I hear about when talking to our customers about why they are no longer happy with their intranet is that it the content clutter became overwhelming. What exactly is content clutter? Think of it as hoarding household items that you no longer use, need or care about, except with intranet content. This is especially apparent in mature intranets as building up a large amount of content overtime is inevitable.

To fall back in love with your intranet solution, you must first get your content clutter under control. Decide what content is no longer relevant, useful or helpful, and simply get rid of it! This will restore your intranet back to it’s useful self where employees can find what they are looking for. There are several ways to avoid this happening again in the future for example, setting archival dates for any published content. This tool makes it so that content disappears after a pre-determined date. Having outdated content on your intranet can be detrimental as it creates the risk of employees accessing old policies or procedures that are no longer in practice.

2. Refresh Design

The design of your intranet and it’s home page can make or break your intranet solution. Design directly affects employee engagement and intranet adoption. Once your design goes stale, it’s hard for your users to love your intranet. Simply keeping your design fresh, and updating it regularly, will improve your users’ experience with your intranet solution.

A great idea that many of our customers use is updating their intranet design each season to reflect a seasonal highlight. For example, creating a holiday theme around Christmas, or a spooky theme for Halloween. This will keep employees logging onto your intranet on a regular basis to see what the design theme will be. One of our customers, Veridian Credit Union, does a great job of this.

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In addition, you may way to consider re-designing your intranet navigation and menu structure. If your navigation and menu structure is confusing, it makes your intranet hard to navigate through and therefore hard for employees to locate the items they need. Ensuring your navigation and menu structure is intuitive is key to making your employees fall back in love with your intranet solution.

3. Spread Out Intranet Administration

Another reason you may not be in love with your intranet anymore is because somewhere along the line, updating your intranet fell to the wayside. This could happen for many reasons, either your intranet became too overwhelming to manage, you became too busy to manage it on your own or there was no real intranet manager selected to begin with. The solution to each of these is determining intranet administrators. You can select individual users, or groups (such as a whole department), to manage any area of your intranet. A good rule of thumb many of our customers use is selecting individual users to manage each Department/Team Site, such as the HR Manager responsible for the HR site.

Relying on one person to do intranet administration quickly becomes unrealistic as you build up content on your intranet, and letting updates fall off your to do list is inevitable. When your intranet solution isn’t being maintained regularly, it is easy to fall out of love with it. Having multiple intranet administrators takes the onus off of just one person, and spreads it our across various people that actually want to publish and edit content, as well as maintain other areas of the site.

Love is in The Air

There are several ways to fall back in love with your intranet solution, sometimes it just takes a little bit of TLC. However, it is important to know when your intranet is beyond fixing and you need to start fresh with a new intranet solution. For example, having a homegrown intranet that no longer has the functionality required by your growing business.

What steps did you take to fall back in love with your intranet solution? Let me know by posting your comments below!

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By | 2017-09-15T09:48:57+00:00 February 15, 2016|Best Practices, Intranet Software, Top 5 List|

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