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FAQ on our New Intranet Help Center

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Summary: With the inauguration of our brand new Intranet Help Center, we thought we’d compile some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our intranet software, and have one of our expert support staff, Michelle, give her expert advice.

Intranet Help Center

Since coming onboard with Intranet Connections and starting within our Support team, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to see how our customers use our software, as well as the types of questions that come up from time to time.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled some of our common questions together in a traditional Q&A style below!

Q: How do I add a slider to my homepage?

I’ve seen in some of your webinars that you have a slider appear on the homepage of your demo site, how can I get this on my intranet?


In Version 13.5 Policy Assist, we’ve added the Image Slider Widget as one of the available widget types. Simply edit your page > add a new widget > select ‘Image Slider’ from the Simple Widgets menu of your build tool.

Q: Where did the Scheduled Task option on my Admin screen go?

Previously, I was able to manually trigger my scheduled tasks to run in the event that I needed to publish content, I can’t seem to find this option anymore.


In a newer patch of Version 13.5 Policy Assist, we’ve moved the Scheduled Tasks to their own screen and separated out various functions. This can be accessed by going to Admin > Global Config: Scheduled Tasks. In this new view, we’ve separated this into 3 pieces for you:

  • System Tasks – Content and disabled user cleanup, publishes scheduled posts, sends out alerts, and scans for any newly created or updated users within Active Directory (Version 1)
  • Web Services – Checks for new product updates, IC announcements, and your maintenance expiry (requires access to the internet)
  • Active Directory Sync – Scans for newly created or updated users within Active Directory (Version 2)

Q: How do I add new apps and pages to my navigation menus?

When adding an application to one of my sites, I can’t access the app from the Homepage, yet it’s available through the Admin area. How can I add a navigation link to it?


When building out apps and pages, the content must exist first before navigation to those items can be created. Once the App or Page is created, simply edit your navigation menu (Top nav or left nav). While adding add a new menu item, you’ll see the option to select the type of asset. When selecting an App or Page, a list will be presented. Use the filter option to search for the name of your App/Page.

Tip: When you add an App or Page, the list shows the apps/pages available and arranges it to always start with the apps/pages of the site you’re currently on at the top of the list. If you’re on a team site, the list will show the apps/pages of that team site first.

Q: Where should I store contacts?

Employee Directory houses our employees and key contacts. Is there a better place for storing contacts?


When adding a new application to your site, you’ll find ‘Contacts’ as one of the available application choices. You can customize the app to have the fields relevant for your contacts, as well as import your contacts with a CSV file.


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Q: How can I view an employee’s subscriptions?

Is there a way that I can see what apps or pages an employee is subscribed to?


Super Admins have the ability to view and manage subscriptions for users and groups. This is done through the Directory > Alerts > Manage subscriptions area. Simply choose between pushing user or group alerts, select the user/group and click ‘View User/Group Subscriptions’.

Q: Can I make changes to the homepage without pushing these changes live?

I want to make layout changes to the existing widgets on our homepage, but I need to get approval before these changes are pushed out to our users. Is this possible?


In Version 12.5, we made it possible for you to add widget pages. If you wish to work on it behind the scenes, simply navigate to Admin > Assets > select your home site > Pages and click on the copy icon of the homepage card. This allows you to create a clone of the home page. Make all changes to the clone first, once you’re ready to push it live to your users, there’s a flag icon on the clone page that you can click to make this page your new homepage.

Tip: The name of the page may display so you may wish to change the name of your cloned page. If you do not want the name to display, you can disable the title from the Page admin screen for that page.

I hope this helped answer some questions that may have been on your mind! We’ve recently relaunched our Help Center to be more intuitive and easier to find for the content available.

What are the common questions that your end users ask you about your Intranet? Let us know!


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By | 2017-09-15T09:48:28+00:00 September 14, 2017|Intranet Applications, Intranet Software|

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Michelle has worked in customer support, technical support and training for a decade with ParaSun Technologies and Electronic Arts. She loves to help people and problem solve, which led her to a career she is passionate about in customer support and supporting technology. From a young age, she spent a large majority of her time working with computers and establishing herself as a gamer for life. Joining the team at Intranet Connections as our resident gamer and movie reviewer, she looks forward to continuing her personal growth and contributing to the dynamic Intranet Connections team.

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