Financial Intranet Case Study: Beauty in Simplicity

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Financial Intranet Case Study: Beauty in Simplicity

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Summary: How Verity Credit Union improved organizing resources, automating processes and connecting employees by switching from a difficult-to-use intranet that lacked functionality to Intranet Connections.

Every so often, we get lucky enough to work with a stellar customer that is just as passionate about intranets as we are. That is exactly what happened when Sasha Kemble, Knowledge Management Specialist at Verity Credit Union, began her intranet journey with us. Verity Credit Union purchased our Financial Intranet Software in 2014, and since purchasing the credit union has streamlined archaic business processes, improved organizing resources and boosted employee connections. However, it wasn’t always that simple for Verity Credit Union.

We had the opportunity to talk to Sasha about Verity Credit Union’s intranet journey and felt compelled to share the story with you!

The Simple Switch

Before purchasing an Intranet Connections Financial Intranet, Verity Credit Union struggled with a difficult-to-use intranet that didn’t provide the functionality the credit union needed. Staff wouldn’t use the old intranet because most of them found it too difficult to administer without the help of IT. Because of this, important resources often didn’t get stored on the intranet, instead being saved to each individuals network drives. This caused problems when accessing important resources, such as procedures, because all staff would be accessing different versions.

The credit union had the same issue when it came to forms. All forms were paper-based because it was too difficult to add them to the intranet, making it difficult to track if the appropriate people had signed off on forms. Sasha knew the credit union couldn’t go on like that so she took charge in search of a financial intranet, ultimately deciding on Intranet Connections.

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Increased Intranet Satisfaction

Immediately after implementing their new Financial Intranet, Sasha saw an increase in staff engagement and intranet adoption. Before purchasing, she ran a survey asking staff to rate how satisfied they were with their old intranet. Not surprisingly, the score was only 3/10. Six months after implementing their new intranet, Sasha ran the same survey resulting in a staggering 8/10 satisfaction rating.

Improved Business Processes & Communication

In addition to improving overall intranet satisfaction, Verity Credit Union moved all their forms online, making it easier to submit and track them. Their new Financial Intranet completely automated the approval processes, ensuring all forms were tracked by the appropriate departments.

Verity Credit Union’s new Financial Intranet also improved communication and employee connections through the use of several collaborative applications. For example, Blogging, Company News, Employee Recognition, Discussion Forums and more.

To learn more about how a Financial Intranet from Intranet Connections improved business processes for Verity Credit Union, download the Verity Credit Union Case Study.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:48:55+00:00 March 24, 2016|Customer Stories, Finance Intranet|

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