Foster Relationships & Boost Employee Morale with Technology

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Foster Relationships & Boost Employee Morale with Technology

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Summary: Key takeaways from the AceTech Conference, such as how to boost employee morale with the use of technology.

Today as I was driving up to Whistler, BC, to take in the annual AceTech Conference, I heard some dialogue on the radio talking about forces of happiness:

  • Relationships
  • Good diet/sleep
  • Exercise
  • Physical connections
These things seem to just make sense.  However, it can feel like a constant battle to balance these out in the rapidly moving world we live in.

Not all time is equal

John Coyle was one of the key presenters on day one, and he discussed the false concept of linear time.  Essentially, his message was that not all time has equal value and that our capacity to really maximize our time diminishes with age.  The concept is quite fascinating really.  I am sure all of us can think of days or weeks that seemed to just whiz by.  Or on the flip-side, moments that seemed to just freeze in time where you can remember vivid details.  He coins the latter “event horizons” and discussed strategies to design and plan for them.

Now, I’m sure you can think of some pretty obvious events here:  Your first kiss or date, first pet, grad party, wedding day, birth of a child… you get the point.  But what about events that are more unique to you?  Perhaps a crazy story on a trip you had, or an incredible physical challenge you undertook.  From a business perspective, maybe it was a moment of recognition, a breakthrough solving an intense problem, a significant promotion or team event where you built deeper levels of trust.

Stop and smell the roses

The point is, how can we slow down the feeling that life is flying past and exit feeling full in our experience and impact?  I really believe that technology isn’t the solution.  It’s an aid for sure, but it’s also a force accelerating the problem. Kids grow up these days waking up looking for their iPad, and multi-tasking between Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Netflix, Games and more in the blink of an eye.  Much like LinkedIn often shows glorified online resumes, social profiles present personas lacking authenticity.

Building a workforce on happiness & purpose

When it comes to building a happy and motivated workforce, perhaps the approach should be around fostering more intimate connections, creating memorable events together, and designing plans that not only align with business strategy, but cater to strengths challenging individuals and teams to push through difficult and stressful situations to experience deeper emotional wins together.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:48:53+00:00 April 18, 2016|Collaboration, Intranet Events|

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