People are increasingly interested in making healthy and environmentally friendly choices at work and at home, and your intranet can support this way of life. Use your intranet to engage and educate employees on greener lifestyles with our top ten tips.

Top Ten Tips for a Greener Intranet

Tip #1

Create a Green Community sub-site

Spearhead your campaign with a Green Community area of the intranet, and then add in collaborative apps like the ones below.

Tip #2

Suggestion box:

–Give employees a voice to share ideas and feedback

–Encourage comments and “like” of ideas

–Start contests and give prizes

–Promote interest & others to join the conversations

Tip #3

Green Tip of the Day

Create a Green Tip of The Day widget… like “did you know that using a French press is the greenest way to make your daily cup of coffee?” or encourage staff to bring their lunches in reusable containers to reduce packaged waste

Tip #4

Community Initiatives:

Register employees for community initiatives using the training application; management is done automatically by the app!

Tip #5

Documents and Policies:

Post electronic brochures with attractive and friendly visuals. For example, create posters that show how to sort waste in kitchen recycling, compost and garbage bins.

Tip #6

Discussion Board:

Encourage employees to post green topics for conversation … “Should the office add compost bins in the kitchen?”

Tip #7

Contest widget:

Run environmentally friendly contests that have staying power:

— Hand out gift cards to employees that remember to turn off their computer monitors five days in a row.

Contests like this endorse a concept that should be continued after the prizes are given out.

Tip #8

Electronic Forms:

–Send electronic forms directly to employees from the intranet

–Store files on the intranet to reduce paper and ink costs

Tip #9

Company Store:

Sell lightly used goods to coworkers; this is the greenest way to buy because it keeps a useful item out of the dumpster!

Tip #10


Coworkers can silently plan and request car pooling, which lowers gas emissions

As you can see, there are many ways your intranet can support a green workplace and healthier lifestyles. Be creative with intranet applications and encourage employees to contribute along the way.

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