In our latest webinar, Intranet Design 101, we showed how users can design and style their site using our intranet Theme Builder. For a recap of our intranet design tips and tricks , take a moment to check out what we covered in the webinar:

Step #1:

>> Go to the Admin Area of the site

>> Click on the Site Design tab

>> Next, go into Manage Site Themes

>> At the bottom of the page under Save Options, type your new theme name in the Save as a new theme box then click save

Step #2: From the Site Theme Preview, select “Site Layout” and select your preferred browser width

Variable width stretches out the intranet page to fit the size of that particular screens resolution.

Fixed width ensures that the size of the site does not fluctuate with browser resolution so that all of your users have the same interface experience.

Step #3: From The Site Theme Preview, upload a logo or graphic to the top menu header.

You can also set the top frame height to fit your logo or graphic

Step #4: Change the Site Background colors from the Site Theme Preview

Tara’s Tip: Lighter background colors are pleasant to look at and make content easily legible.

Step #5: Select and apply your site colors with the Style Section icons

Tara’s Tip: You can use your company’s preselected color codes, or use the handy color picker available on the intranet software.

Tara’s Tip: Review your color choices on the Site Theme Preview before you apply them to the site permanently

Step #6: Add an image, color or watermarked logo to the fixed width layout to add visual interest. In the Site Theme Preview, select “Site Layout” and upload a browser background image

Step #7: Add ICONS to top menu

Icons help grab users attention and can represent a particular menu option or application throughout the site. In the Site Design tab, click on Menu Builder. Next, select the menu header that you want to associated an icon with. Upload an icon for the headers selected. Once complete, click on “apply to site” to make all changes permanent.

Step #8: Add widgets to home page

The home page is the most valuable piece of real estate on your intranet and it sets the tone and feeling for the site. Intranet Connections v11 offers new widgets that will engage users and promote collaboration.

Step #9: Add quality content throughout the site.

Do you want to win an ipad2? We want to see what YOU can do with our intranet design tips and tricks . Email us your intranet home page screen snap by Wednesday, August 17th and we will post it on Facebook for our followers to “like”. The intranet design with the most “likes” will win an ipad2!

Do you have a question about intranet design? Please post it below!

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