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Growing Businesses: Simplify The Employee Onboarding Process

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Summary: As a new addition to the Intranet Connections team, I found our intranet to be an invaluable tool for the employee onboarding process. Below are the top 3 features that eased the transition.

I’d like to e-introduce myself! I’m Rory, the new Business Development Representative at Intranet Connections! Have started a mere few weeks ago, I’m already up to speed on all the internal processes, I’m able to search the knowledgebase for information, and I’ve been able to learn a little bit about everyone simply from reviewing the employee profiles! Overall, I’d say the intranet became an integral part of my onboarding process!

1. Employee Onboarding Process Checklist

As your company expands and grows, onboarding employees can be a pain point. With so many processes to complete and boxes to tick, it’s easy for some things to fall between the cracks.

Setting your intranet up with an onboarding site is a great way to mitigate any of these. It gives your brand-new employee a centralized location where they can see what they need to do to get started.

As your employee onboarding site will be the first look your new hires get at your company, a company history section would be a great way to fill them in on your company’s journey. A link to your employee directory so that your new hires can get to know their co-workers (or help them remember names of people they’ve already been introduced to). An onboarding checklist is an essential feature for any growing business as it clearly outlines exactly what needs to be done and provides tracking to ensure nothing is missed.

An example of an employee onboarding checklist can include:

2. Accessible Knowledgebase

Now that we have gone through all the necessary onboarding your new employees are ready to work, right? While it would be ideal to hire someone already proficiently knowledgeable about your company’s policies/ procedures, this generally isn’t an option and most will require training in one form or another.

Adding a knowledge base is a great way to ensure all of your employees have all the information they need to do their jobs, without any of the pain of having to hunt this information down. With this feature, your employees are empowered to find the answer to their questions for themselves rather that having to turn to a trainer/ co-worker for help.

Allowing your employees to answer their own questions also builds confidence and puts them in the driving seat for their training, ensuring your new hires stay engaged. Here are some features you could add to your own knowledge base

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3. Team Sites

When starting any new role getting to know your position and the members of your team is crucial. Setting your Intranet up with team sites allows new employees to quickly fill themselves in on any team specific news, ongoing concerns or any team specific issues. It’s also a great place to post things like upcoming Birthdays or Anniversaries, letting your new employee feel as though they are already part of the team.

Creating a team site also allows you to ensure the security of sensitive information. This allows all your employees to still use the same space for all their news and updates. You don’t need to worry about people stumbling across any information they shouldn’t see

Having a robust intranet service can really ease some of the pains experienced by growing businesses. It helps streamline your onboarding, provides a centralized knowledge-base, gives departments a place to share news/updates, and many more applications. As a new employee myself I’ve found all of these features invaluable as I get started in this new role.

I would love to hear your thoughts on, Growing Businesses: What your intranet can do for employee onboarding. Share with me by commenting below!


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