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Happy Halloween from Intranet Connections

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IntranetConnectionsAt Intranet Connections we value simplicity, creativity, connections, integrity and team work. We know that there is nothing scarier than disengaged employees, and therefore we  infuse these core values into our software as well as our day-to-day operations.  This Halloween was no different as the Intranet Connections team got together for an office Halloween party full of hilarious costumes, sweet treats and spooky games.  Here are a few of our team members who really embraced their creative side!

There was a great prize incentive for whoever received the most votes in our Halloween costume contest.  Each of us voted for the costume we liked best and at the end votes were tallied and the winner was Michele with her “Michelvis” costume!

Fostering Connections

The relationships we build with each other and with our customers is what makes us special – hence our name.  At Intranet Connections we thrive on openness and transparency, and therefore our office space layout is primarily an open floor plan with very few individual offices.  The offices we do have are always open to encourage face-to-face communication.  To further foster transparency we hold monthly town halls with our Founder and CEO, who fill the team in on Intranet Connections happenings and updates, and then the floor is open for whoever has a topic for discussion.

Encouraging Company Culture

Our Halloween office party was a great way to bring everyone together and foster connections within the office, especially those of us who don’t interact with each other on a day-to-day basis. Simple activities such as a group lunch and fun office games like haunted bingo worked to create a fun atmosphere which brought our team closer together.  Much like these internal connections, the connections we establish with our customers are of utmost importance to us here at Intranet Connections.  We listen, find out what YOU want to see in the software and then incorporate it into later versions. We put ourselves in your shoes to help make your business intranet a 10/10.

Building Creativity

Fostering Company Culture

In order to create innovative software, we need creative employees!  To foster creativity we have a large chalk wall that employees are encouraged to write on and use for collaborative efforts.  The development team also has daily stand ups to review updates they are working on and to bounce ideas off of each other.  Our graphic designer Cam used the chalk wall to create Skelly, our Halloween skeleton which we used to play “pin the mustache on Skelly” during our Halloween office party.  Our office also participates in “Movember” to raise money for prostate cancer, which starts on November 1st, so this fun game was a great Halloween/Movember combination.

Our creativity is displayed not only within the office, but throughout our software as well.  How the interface of our business intranet software and its functionality makes the employee feel is very important to us, and therefore we build for innovation, with creative interfaces which make our software extremely user friendly and simple to use.  Our development is agile – we design interfaces first for maximum ease of use, then build functionality to support the interface.

Encouraging Teamwork

Company CultureAt Intranet Connections we are not just a company, we are a team.  We work together to create an innovative, easy to navigate intranet software to help improve the teamwork and collaboration in the organizations of our customers.  Whether it is our development team, our marketing team, our sales team, or the entire company working together in collaboration, we continuously strive to establish the most efficient internal processes to assist us in creating a successful business intranet software.

At the end of the day, we have been around for over 14 years because of our integrity and company values.  We believe this shines through when you connect with us and become part of our Intranet Connections family, consisting of over 1600 customers worldwide in a variety of industries, some of which have been with us from the very beginning.  We are proud to have customers who are such amazing intranet champions and advocates of our software.  If you are interested in learning more about what Intranet Connections can offer you and your company request a quick 20-minute free demo of our software.


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