Is Having too many Programs Killing Productivity? Solve it with Intranet Software

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Is Having too many Programs Killing Productivity? Solve it with Intranet Software

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Summary: The slogan, “there’s an app for that” is truer than it’s ever been. But are all the different programs we use to accomplish things killing productivity? Boost it back up by centralizing various programs into one with intranet software.

In today’s digital world, we often get bombarded with a plethora of platforms to complete the same tasks. For example, popular social media channels that essentially do the same thing (think Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Instead of sticking to one platform to share photos and status updates, you probably use all of them.

The same can be said about enterprise tools. Consider how many tools you use on a day-to-day basis at work; Outlook for email, Skype for Business for instant messaging, a Shared Drive for document management. Keeping track of all of these various business tools may actually have a negative impact on your employee’s productivity. It takes up too much time to routinely check all these tools for updates, and if an employee forgets which tool to use for what, that becomes an even bigger time suck.

While having a specified program for each job function may seem like a good thing, it’s likely killing productivity. The good news is, you can amalgamate all these programs into one piece of software to maximize productivity. Enter: intranet software.

1. Internal Communications

Right now, you are likely using multiple communication channels at work. Having to stay up-to-date on each of these channels can sometimes be a job within itself. However, there is a simpler way to communicate with colleagues, as well as keep track of it.

Intranet software comes with various internal communication and enterprise social networking tools built-in to one single platform. This allows you to streamline communication within your organization and eliminate having to check a multitude of programs, ultimately contributing to higher productivity.

Below are a few of the internal communication features built-in to your intranet software that can eliminate other platforms:

2. Document Management

There are several programs you can use for document management, however, frequently having to search for documents on a variety of different programs is time-consuming, inefficient and frustrating.

Centralizing document management on your intranet is a simple way to keep documents, policies and procedures organized and easily accessible. It eliminates the time spent searching through long, disorganized Shared Drive lists, or through other specified document management systems you may currently use.

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3. Online Forms

You can also eliminate having to use an online form program by moving your online forms onto your intranet!

Your intranet software houses all of your business resources in one place, so it doesn’t make sense to deviate from the intranet to fill out a form. Having to switch between multiple platforms to complete tasks, like filling out a form, is a good way to kill productivity when it can easily be done in one place on your intranet.

We have a number of pre-built forms you can utilize already built-in to your intranet software to maximize productivity, or you can create your own from scratch.

4. Department Sites & Project Sites

Collaboration is key, but it can be difficult especially if you have a large organization or multiple locations where face-to-face meetings aren’t always possible. There are many programs available, such as Skype or Google Hangout, that make it possible to collaborate without being face-to-face. But why use yet another program when you can just use your intranet?

Department Sites and Project Sites are great ways for teams to communicate and collaborate. It is an entire site dedicated to a specific department or project team, complete with communication tools, documents, business resources, team member information and more. You can also lock the sites down so that only members from the team can see the content on them.

Boost Productivity with Intranet Software

Having multiple programs to complete various work tasks can be harmful to productivity. It can take up too much time monitoring the various tools and switching back and forth between them. Centralizing all of these tools onto one location on your intranet makes it easier for employees to spend more time doing the task at hand, greatly improving productivity.

As an added bonus, many programs come at an additional cost to your organization, so using intranet software could actually save you money! To see what other systems intranet software replaces, request a personalized demo with on of our product specialists.

What systems has your intranet software replaced and how has it affected productivity? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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