York Central Hospital Wins with Intranet Mobility

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York Central Hospital Wins with Intranet Mobility

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York Central Hospital recently selected Intranet Connections Software for its ease of use and ability to organize internal communications for their 2,500 healthcare workers. Their intranet has been up and running since July and we were so impressed by York Central’s intranet implementation, that we had to share some of their ideas with you:

>> Human Resources consolidates their important documents and policies onto the site and promotes employees to apply for internal jobs within the Job Center application.

>> A Google search widget allows employees to find content on the internet quickly from their home page.

>> Intranet Managers have the ability to create sub-sites that enable various departments and areas like fire and emergency and energy awareness to manage their own content.

>> York Central uses their intranet to organize their internal communications so users can access the intranet from computer kiosks throughout the day.

>> To prepare for the launch of their social intranet, York Central Hospital offered learning sessions, sent weekly engagement emails and advertised the new intranet with promotional posters and articles in the hospital newsletter.

>> Redundancy is key- York Central Hospital puts online forms in up to four areas of the intranet to ensure that important documents are readily available.

>> The home page is easy to navigate around and uses collaborative widgets likes Quick Polls and My Profile to engage users.

>> Their intranet design is pleasing to look at and uses pops of red and blue to highlight useful resources for employees.

>> The main objective of York Central’s intranet is to provide a central location for employees to access valuable company information. To do so, they use their intranet home page to announce their CEO’s message, hospital highlights, healthcare news, media coverage and press releases. Take a look at their intranet home page to see how these initiatives came to life:

An intranet is an effective and accessible communications tool for healthcare workers because it centralizes important company updates and it can be accessed securely from computer stations around the hospital.

Take a moment to think about the industry that you are in. How would an intranet impact how your employees gather information and communicate with one another? Here’s a list of industries and departments that have been positively impacted by implementing an intranet:

  • Marketing and SEO: Create a “Hub” to share marketing ideas, expert development, knowledge share, and communicate social media efforts. Spread your creativity throughout the site by using clever naming conventions that inspire a sense of fun.
  • Banking: Use the Training Center to schedule employees for mandatory financial exams. You can also add links to exam sites directly from the intranet.
  • Human Resources: Widgets can house important documents like health benefits, dental and 401K plan information. Easy to access widgets and applications free up HR’s workload because employees can be directed to that area of the intranet.
  • School District: The intranet can be used for communication between the school site and school district.
  • Municipality: Create a policy that internet explorer must immediately go to the intranet homepage. Limit email use to encourage employees to use the intranet

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:53+00:00 September 29, 2011|Customer Stories|

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