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Morton Hospital Shares Their Intranet Story

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“Our intranet started as a central location for storing order sheets for nurses and doctors and has now become the central hub for staff to find information. We are very lucky here because our managers and administration are very supportive of the intranet. They are behind us and the intranet growth.” Regina Rollins from Morton Hospital & Medical Center

Regina Rollins answers the phone breathlessly and laughs as she explains that the phone has rung three times this morning and she keeps jumping waiting for our phone call to begin this interview. She is clearly enthusiastic about her hospital and their intranet. Morton is a community hospital with 152 beds and approximately 1000 staff. They purchased Intranet Connections in September 2007.

“Our intranet started out as a central place for storing order sheets that nurses and doctors had immediate access to. We now have electronic forms to support new users needing access to our computer systems and IT work requests. We have trained our staff that they need to use the intranet daily, and electronic forms really facilitate this. They have to go through the form process to request changes to the computer systems.”

Regina also credits fresh content for keeping staff coming back to the intranet. They keep the site home page fresh with content for “Nurses Day”, “Hospital Week”, advertising events, and an inspirational quote widget that rotates daily. There is a section on the home page that jumps users into various areas like ordering supplies, job postings and a link to their IMail server.

Things really started to grow on the Morton intranet once department portals were set up for the medical staff, IT, HR, Nursing, and Public Affairs. They recently created another one  for Management that provides a central resource for Q & A’s that are collaborative, as well as announcements, calendars, and documents specific to management. Departments are really embracing their portals on the intranet, and they contribute and support these various areas themselves.

After installing the Stats package, they found that their intranet site is really gaining traction, and popular areas include the Employee Directory, Conference Room Bookings, and the Nursing Page always has employees going in to check out information, documentation and access training packets.

The future is exciting for the Morton Intranet, where they hope to begin offering training and e-courses and opening up a news channel for all employees to contribute to. The social movement is slow, but they are considering utilizing discussion boards in favor of blogs.

“We would like to introduce videos, maybe, for certain training sessions but we are fairly conservative. Our intranet vision is a tool for our users to quickly find the information they need to assist them with their day to day tasks.”

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By | 2017-09-15T09:50:03+00:00 December 8, 2009|Customer Stories|

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