Summary: Looking for time saving ideas in the office IT department? Use the Help Desk software available through your Intranet software and find time you never thought you had.

Time often leaves much to be desired in the office, especially the IT department. That’s why the Help Desk Ticketing application is a vital part of a company intranet. Employees send their request to the IT support technicians and are able to monitor the progress. Once a ticket has been closed, it is archived and easily searchable. IT is now able to free up what they generally lack: time.

What is Help Desk Software?

Our Help Desk Ticketing application is the channel that connects employees to the IT team. The help desk software turns requests into ‘tickets’ and organizes them into ‘categories’; while automating as much as possible. The end result is an organized and efficient IT department. Features in our Help Desk software include:

  • Automated Service requests converts emails into tickets.
  • Ticket routing automatically assigns tickets to technicians with the option to manually direct based on priority.
  • Communication streamline communication within your intranet software.
  • Knowledge base Save time by enabling employees to resolve recurring IT problems.
  • Task Management can be set up to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Reporting is simple by exporting all open tickets into an excel document to review.

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How Does The Help Desk Ticketing Application Work?

Employees fill out a simple online form which gets submitted to the support desk as a ticket. From there, the Help Desk Ticketing application is constructed either automatically or manually by appointing a Help Desk supervisor; who reviews, prioritizes and assigns tickets to the support staff. Once support staff have received the ticket, it is be placed in the queue based on priority. IT can then review the issue, add their remarks and close once resolved.

Why Does This Make IT Team Happy?

Users can look up their open, pending or closed tickets. The search goes by technician, priority, subject, resolution, keywords and ticket number. Searches are within in all or any one of your help desk ticketing categories. This enables employees to look up the status themselves which significantly reduces email volume and phone call interruptions to the IT team. With a significant reduction in admin tasks, the IT team has the time to do what they came here to do – close tickets!

IT has a lot on their plate. Take a load off with Intranet Connection’s Help Desk Software Ticketing. We’d love to hear some feedback on our software can save your IT team’s time. Comment below with any tips and tricks for time saving ideas in the office!

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