Homewood Health’s Success Story With Custom Intranet Software

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Homewood Health’s Success Story With Custom Intranet Software

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Summary:  Homewood Health has been a leader in mental health and addiction care for over 130 years. With 4,500 employees and clinical experts in a highly regulated industry, and a large inventory of forms to keep organized, they needed a custom intranet software that was on budget, sustainable, and didn’t require a designated IT department to run.

Don’t Settle for a Problematic Intranet

Your healthcare team works hard every day to improve the lives of its patients. The last thing any of the staff needs is to endure any additional complications. Before Homewood Health switched to Intranet Connections, their intranet was overly complicated and expensive.

End-user simplicity was non-existent, the bills for technical support were piling up, and forget about any customization – it all had to be completed in code. The intranet provider was based out of Australia, and for a healthcare facility in Eastern Standard time, this meant completely opposite schedules for all the maintenance, upgrades, and new product installations. In addition to all this turmoil, billing and upgrades often had issues too.

After a few years of desperately treading water to try to stay afloat, Homewood Health’s HR department had enough. They reviewed the organization’s requirements and compared it to recommendations in the marketplace by tech reviews and customers. Meeting all the criteria with regards to cost, sustainability, and ease of use, Intranet Connections was the obvious choice.

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Custom Intranet Software Designed for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has a unique set of challenges when it comes to selecting an intranet. Patient confidentiality is essential. Certificates and training are obligatory. Keeping policies, manuals, and standards up to date and accessible is compulsory, and yet with all these factors, it’s unlikely for all staff to have their own computers. Intranet Connections is an on-premise custom intranet software, meaning all staff can access from communal computers.

Acquiring a custom intranet software that was out of the box was crucial due to its main users: the HR department. They did not want an IT department to have to update content or customize the site. With Intranet Connections, they’re able to consolidate documents, build custom online forms, add FAQs to the knowledge base, keep on track for training with the training calendar, and ensure the approval process moves efficiently with automatic workflows.

Your job is stressful enough, don’t stay with an Intranet that’s expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Find comfort in knowing there is a custom intranet software that’s simple for non-technical users to administer, with a support team that’s standing by at any time to help (without charging extra). Well, that’s what Homewood Health found when they switched from their complicated code-heavy intranet to our out-of-the-box intranet.

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By | 2017-11-20T08:52:05+00:00 November 17, 2017|Healthcare Intranet|

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