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How to Grow a Business Using an Intranet

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Your business is constantly changing and evolving. While growing a business is an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming, especially for your employees. With that being said, there are tools available to help make growing your business a smoother experience for all those involved. Here are 3 tips on how to grow a business using an intranet.

1. Utilize Your Intranet to Grow Your Employee Base

When growing your business, you often go through a period of time where you hire a lot of new staff. Growing your employee base is usually the first step to growing your business. There are several ways your intranet can help with this:

Onboarding & Training Employees

You can completely standardize the employee onboarding process using your intranet. This is especially useful for hiring multiple employees at the same time. Features such as the Online Training Calendar make it easy for you to train new hires quickly, all through your intranet. This ensures new hires are all on the same page. In addition, you can use Online Tests to test new hires on their knowledge to prepare them for their job.

One of our stellar customers, Rio Rancho Public Schools (RRPS), completely reorganized their hiring process using their intranet. Learn how by reading our RRPS Case Study.

Welcoming New Employees

It can be a challenge for employees to get to know each other when growing a business. Because you are often hiring new employees during your growth period, it sometimes makes it difficult for long-time employees to keep up. The People Directory is a great tool to help with this as it displays every staff member’s name, along with a photo of them to help new hires distinguish who everybody is. It is also a good idea to use the Featured Employee Feed to feature new hires right on your intranet home page so that your employees can welcome them accordingly.

Because people don’t know each other, you can hold a company-wide event to help everyone get to know each other. Utilizing Event Sites on your intranet, you can display all the event details in one central location that is easy for employees to see.

2. Organize Important Resources on Your Intranet

Often when growing a business, resources can get a little disorganized. Most organizations rely on a share drive, which can quickly turn into an information dumping ground making it difficult for employees to locate resources.

Document Management on your intranet can completely eliminate a disorganized share drive. You can store all resources in a central, organized place on your intranet where employees can easily find the documents they seek. Document Management is an indispensable tool for any growing business as it allows you to build up your knowledgebase as your company grows, and it’s extremely easy to manage.

Coupled with an effective Enterprise Search functionality, employees will never have any issue locating resources again.

3. Streamline Internal Communications

Many of our customers involved in growing businesses often face a roadblock when it comes to communication. When a business is growing, there are constant changes happening. Oftentimes, these changes aren’t always communicated effectively to employees and they are left in the dark. Sending endless all staff emails can get overwhelming, distracting and even annoying. Luckily, you’re intranet comes with the tools to overcome these challenges, such as:

Company News

The Company News application is an effective way to post all-staff announcements on your intranet, without having to ‘blow up’ your employees emails. It is a general best practice to advertise Company News to your Intranet Home Page for maximum visibility. This ensures all your employees will see the latest and greatest right when they log on to your intranet.

So now any time there is a change, a new policy, a new hire or any other type of news-worthy information, it can simply be posted on the intranet for all to see.


Another great way to ensure employees are on the same page with the status of your growing business is by intranet blogging. The Blogging application allows anyone in the organization to publish a blog on your intranet. However, if you don’t want to open it up to anyone, you can tweak the settings so that only certain people, such as executives, have the ability to publish blogs.

Blogging on your intranet is extremely important for any growing business. This gives executives a chance to write about all the things happening within the organization, as well as ask for feedback via Commenting.

Strategic Business Growth

The above tips on how to grow a business using an intranet are just a few of the key points to successfully manage the inevitable change that comes with growth. These tips will give you the foundation necessary for any growing business. For more information on other tools that can help grow your business, download our Corporate Intranet Whitepaper below.

Have your used your intranet to help grow your business? Tell us about it by commenting below.

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