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How to Use Social Networking on Your Intranet

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I was recently on an online forum where someone commented:

“We already have access to Facebook walls. Why have another wall on our intranet? Two message walls confuse people.”

I thought this was an interesting question and it’s one that can be answered with examples of how leveraging a social intranet can facilitate conversations and help to gather information. Facebook-like message walls provide an internal networking space for collaboration and resource sharing between employees.

Employee walls can be used to share intranet content and elicit feedback. Intranet Connections has a built-in “cc” (similar to email) where you can post on your wall and then cc other employees.  Alerts are sent out about the shared content, and employees can respond via the wall in a conversation format. 

A message wall can be a space where you network and is a great forum for managers and executives to communicate with the organization. 

Human Resources can use the wall to share holiday schedules, policy changes and updated benefit forms. 

Share information about your recent business trip or conference attendance.

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas on how you can engage through social networking on your intranet. Messages walls are a great way to encourage intranet participation from all employees and promote conversation. Messages are posted instantly decreasing back and forth emails. You can even favorite wall posts for future reference.

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