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How Trintech Leveraged Their Intranet

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Nearly one year ago an employee told Katy Fisk that they weren’t happy with their current intranet. Katy is the HR Manager at Trintech, the leading global provider of integrated software solutions for The Last Mile of Finance. She took this statement as a challenge and wanted to prove that their intranet could deliver in great functionality. Katy approached IT and downloaded our current feature white paper to identify what new tools, already bundled into their intranet software, could be leveraged in their intranet revamp.

Next up was an involved process to determine:

  • Which intranet tools they wanted to continue to use
  • Which new features and tools did they want to enable and begin to use
  • How could they leverage the intranet to solve their business pains

In July Katy started her intranet redesign project which included a strategic plan to launch, targeting a staggered approach. To inform employees about the changes, an initial email announcement was sent to all employees and a welcome widget was used on the intranet home page, listing ongoing changes to the intranet. A solid plan and continuous communication helped with the transition.

How Trintech Leveraged Their Intranet

Katy felt that it was important for people to easily access documents. She reduced folder trees and built well categorized sub-sites which reduced the click-through rate to a document from 5 to 2. She created Team Sites for activity-based projects that are solely for that specific department’s use and built a collaboration menu which houses important information for employees, regardless of what department they are in.

An innovative approach to managing HR recruiting activity was implemented by building a recruiting sub-site. In this area, resumes and job applications are categorized for review. She created documents which allow the push/pull of alerts so that managers and HR are instantly updated on new activity. The recruiting section has streamlined how managers learn more about job candidates and assisted with the overall organization of incoming applications.

When a new employee comes on board, they are kept well informed with the tools available in the New Hire Orientation site. Here, Katy posts key information and links to important items that new employees need to consider when they are hired.

Trintech’s iFIT team recognizes that the intranet is about involving employees and getting them participating in different areas in the site. The executives at Trintech have approved this team to use the new Facebook- like message walls to:

  1.  Enhance company culture
  2.  Support morale-boosting efforts
  3. Encourage volunteer opportunities

Trintech is an international company so the intranet’s Employee Directory has helped connect colleagues in offices around the world.

Katy’s six month intranet re-launch plan became a huge success. Her attendance in webinars, contacting our support team and using the Intranet Connections Support Site and KB to pull screen snaps and read documentation helped her throughout the process. She also learned how to design and create a simple layout that works well for her organization. The site has moved from a focus on document management to being an engaging, collaborative site for international networking.

Thanks to Katy for taking the time to share her intranet re-launch plan with us.

Have you recently launched an intranet? Share with us how you planned to build a site that positively impacts the way your employees use your intranet.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:49+00:00 February 23, 2012|Customer Stories|

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