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HR Intranets Better Serve Employees

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Despite the intranet becoming more user-friendly and comprehensive, many organizations still think the intranet is an IT program. People are still relying heavily on the IT Department to make updates or changes, or be responsible for the overall maintenance of the intranet. However, the intranet has become an employee-based tool, designed to better serve employees and make their lives easier. Similarly, HR’s role is to better serve employees, and what better way to do that than on an HR intranet?

Fortunately, our brand new, revamped HR Guide to the Employee-Based Intranet Ebook is here to help!

From strengthening HR’s presence on the intranet and better serving employees to lessening HR’s workload, the HR Guide to an Employee-Based Intranet has you covered. The new eBook details how HR can utilize the intranet, taking it from an IT program to an HR intranet.

What is an HR Intranet?

An HR intranet is simply an intranet where HR has a stronger presence, and delivers more employee-based processes.

The intranet is typically associated with IT, and generally IT is responsible for intranet administration. But with intranet software being less of an “IT tool” and more of a business tool, more departments should be involved in intranet administration, especially HR. Almost all of HR’s initiatives can be done through the intranet, making their job much easier and employees overall experience better.

Below is a summary of the topics covered in the new HR Guide eBook.

HR Intranets Better Serve Employees

One of HR’s primary functions is to better serve employees. Utilizing an HR intranet, you can:

1. Centralize Documents, Forms, and Policies: centralize the employee benefits package with information regarding health and wellness, grievances, conflict resolution resources and other related company policies on the HR department site for employees to easily access and avoid contacting HR for assistance.
2. Post Job Openings & Career Advancement Opportunities: include a careers area on the HR site containing job postings and career advancement opportunities, with stories about staff who have been promoted as it is beneficial and more cost effective to hire and promote from within.
3. Streamline Employee Tasks: move vacation requests, time sheets and expense forms online with links to these Online Forms on the HR site, enabling employees to complete these tasks efficiently as well as greatly reduce HR’s workload.
4. Improve Communication: promote employee to executive collaboration and communication with Discussion Forums and executive Blogging, eliminating the barrier between employees and management while freeing up HR from being the middleman.

HR Intranets Communicate Company Culture

HR is responsible for cultivating company culture and establishing core values, and an HR intranet is an indispensable tool in doing so. Use the intranet to create a sense of community among employees, for example:

1. Employee Recognition: include the Employee Recognition application on the HR site to boost morale, support culture and improve employee retention.
2. Company Events: promote company-wide events, such as team building activities, on an internal Events Calendar on the HR site to build excitement and increase employee engagement.
3. Employee Engagement: welcome new employees with an existing customer peer-buddy system via Message Boards, taking the onus off HR to do so and lending to culture.

HR Intranets Onboard & Educate Employees

Ease the heavy burden onboarding plays on HR by utilizing your intranet to assist with onboarding functions. Create an Onboarding or Training section on the HR site to standardize the hiring process and save HR time. Onboard on your HR intranet with numerous resources, such as:

In addition to hiring new employees, HR can utilize the intranet to educate existing employees. For example, an HR intranet can offer growth with Online Tests, Training Videos, Online Surveys, Online Training Calendar and more.

The Power of an HR Intranet

An HR intranet has many benefits for many individuals in an organization. Learn more ways HR can utilize the intranet by reading the full HR Guide to the Employee Based Intranet, and share your thoughts on the new and improved eBook by commenting below!

HR Intranet Guide to Intranet Software

HR Intranet Guide

Discover how the HR Guide to an Employee-Based Intranet eBook can improve employee engagement and streamline HR processes.


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