Congratulations to: The Dugout & Golden Valley Bank!

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Congratulations to: The Dugout & Golden Valley Bank!

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Summary: Below is how a few IC customers have used their intranet designs with the addition of storyboard.

Thank you to all the IC 14.5 Intranet Example Contestants, we love all of your submissions, and it was very diffuclt to narrow it down, so we chose 2 grand prize winners, and will be sending coffees to everyone who participated.

Congratulations to the winning intranet homepage examples: The Dugout and Golden Valley Bank!

The Dugout by Norwich City FC

Norwich City FC Intranet Design Example

Intranet Design

We can’t help but love the modern minimalistic style shown in this design. They make really great use of whitespace and present information in a very clean way. The large icons for commonly accessed forms like the vacation schedule are prominent and only take 1 click to get to. They always have their standings in the front and center of the homepage, so their employees can keep an eye on how the team is doing. A few of the football fans at IC suggested we also add in a league table of our own! To their dismay, it doesn’t tie in well with our company goals.


The storyboard on The Dugout hosts both company-wide news such as reports and team briefs, as well as social events. You can see they all get a fair amount of engagement by the click counter below each story preview.

External Links

The Dugout has links to external sites easily accessible from the home page, updates on employees, social media integration and more. The idea here is to keep as much as possible within 3 clicks, to keep users from having to search for what they’re looking for (although our enterprise search makes it easy by crawling titles, tags, and content when presenting results.)

So, if you’re looking for ways to make your intranet have a more modern feel and easy to navigate to users, consider making good use of your white space, and adding large icons to click into forms or calenders your users need most often. If you aren’t sure what content is accessed most often, you can check your intranet insights

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Golden Valley Bank

Golden Valley Bank Intranet Design Examples

Theme Editor

The Golden Valley Bank intranet is a beautiful example of everything you can produce with the theme editor. They’ve really gone the extra mile on their homepage in making it visually appealing, as well as high-functioning. They incorporate iconography, backgrounds, brand colors, and more to make this homepage visually pleasing, as well as high functioning.

The use of icons

The iconography used on the left-hand side in the ‘quick lookup’ section is simple and straightforward, so users can easily navigate to whichever part of the intranet they need to with 1 click.


To align with their brand, Golden Valley Bank has applied backgrounds on the wallpaper, as well as the quick links widget. They created a custom background with their logo placed behind the quick links, without detracting from the clarity of the font.

Brand Colours

Incorporating your brand colors on your intranet is a simple yet meaningful way to promote your brand across your organization. Most organizations have brand documents to ensure consistency across your external marketing channels, but those should also be followed internally. It’s one of the many ways your organization can engage employees, and encourage brand ambassadors.

Honorable Mentions

We’d also like to thank the following customers for submitting your homepage intranet designs:

Ohio University Credit Union

OUCU is making great use of the storyboard, with lots of engagement on each post and backgrounds consistent with the brand colors. They also took advantage of the new compact header feature.

Ohio University Credit Union Intranet Example

West Michigan Works!

‘The Link’ also has a ton of engagement on the storyboard. We also love the clean layout, and great use of iconography. The various widgets including a ‘best guess trivia’ is a great way to keep your staff engaged with the intranet and developing a community.

West Michigan Works! Intranet Example

Summit Funding

The Peak also has a nice & clean homepage design, and we love the creative name for their intranet. Branding the intranet is a great way to get your organization to adopt the platform. It’s also an easy way to reference the intranet. ‘Fill out your timesheets on the Peak’ sounds a lot better than ‘Fill out your timesheets on the intranet!’

Summit Funding Intranet Design Example

Great job everyone! Thank you for all the submissions, it’s very helpful in showing intranet designs to those who are just starting their intranet, and those looking to spruce them up a bit. For more intranet design inspiration, check out our intranet examples.

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