Ideas for Creating Unlimited Intranet Applications

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Ideas for Creating Unlimited Intranet Applications

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Intranet Connections may be an out-of-the-box solution, but that doesn’t mean we lack customization! We make it easy and convenient for you to customize your intranet the way you want by creating built-in intranet applications for you that are simple to edit and make your own. Using the application builder, there is no limit to the number of intranet applications you can create on your site. While we have many built-in options, you can also be creative and build an intranet application from scratch. One example of this is the Share Your First Job Application that was created completely from scratch. Here are a few templates that have been built using Appbuilder:

1. Document Management

The Documents Application is one of the most popular intranet applications in our software. This application is great for Document Management with Full-Text Indexing, Versioning, Review Dates and Read/Agree Confirmations.

Utilizing the Documents Application, you get full control of who has access to certain documents, files or other content. It also allows you to hold users accountable for maintaining specific documents by assigning Content Publishing Delegation. This is a simple way to ensure each area of your intranet has up-to-date documents by making certain users responsible for adding, editing or updating documents on a specific area of your site. For example, the HR Manager could be in charge of maintaining documents on the HR Site only.

With this intranet application I recommend subscribing users or advertising updates to your home page to ensure everyone is up to date with all company documents and policies.

2. Company News

The Company News application is the perfect way to broadcast important news to everyone in your organization in one central location. This intranet application makes it easy for you to add, edit and publish news quickly then feed the news blast directly to your home page. Having company news front and center on your home page ensures every time your users log in, they can see the update right away. An added bonus is that this simple intranet application can help eliminate the dreaded all-staff email!

The Company News application is a great way to make sure important information is being shared with everyone.

3. Buy and Sell Exchange

The buy and sell is like having a craigslist on your Company Intranet. It allows employees to go in and post content for sale, without needing to send emails to IT asking for permission.  With Approval manager options, they can simply go into the Buy and Sell and add their own content, which automatically sends an email to IT to review and approve. A company Buy and Sell also boosts employee engagement and intranet adoption.

Build Your Own Application  with Appbuilder

With Appbuilder the possibilities are endless! Whether its a Recipe Exchange, a Job Postings application, or the Employee Recognition application, setting up an application on your intranet site is simple using Appbuilder.  The following article outlines how to use a Blank Appbuilder Template to create an Employee Recognition application on your intranet.  Follow these steps to create your own intranet applications!

This just skims the surface of what intranet applications can do your business, and offers a few suggestions on which intranet applications you can utilize. You can choose to have the simplicity of our intranet applications templates, where all you have to do is drop your information into it, or the total flexibility of creating your own intranet applications from scratch.

Which intranet applications are your favorite, and how are you utilizing them? Please comment below!

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:08+00:00 July 13, 2015|Intranet Applications, Intranet Software|

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