The Importance of Effective Intranet Scalability

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The Importance of Effective Intranet Scalability

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Summary: When pursuing a new intranet project, it’s easy to get tunnel vision on the features and functionality that you need to resolve your immediate business needs. However, it’s important to consider effective intranet scalability in order to continue evolving.

Perhaps the in-house intranet your IT admin built out 10 years ago and has slowly fallen to pieces; creating more frustration than it is helpful. Or maybe it has finally become apparent that the shared drive is not an effective document management tool and employees are at risk of utilizing outdated policies due to lack of version control.

Whatever the case may be, management hears the cries from its staff and proclaims a budget for the year to “implement an effective intranet!”

This immediate reaction to a current business pain is one of the most common instigators of a new intranet project.  However, it is important to think long term when implementing a new site.

That intranet your IT admin built out 10 years ago?  Once upon a time that was brand spanking new.  Then the IT team got busy, realized an intranet was not one of its primary job functions and without consistent updates and management that employee communication tool became a graveyard for links to documents and resources.

So how do we avoid the intranet graveyard? Think about your needs as an organization in 2, 3 – even 5 years!  On average, our Intranet Connections customers have been utilizing the software for 6 years, many over 10.

Here are three things to look for during your intranet evaluation to ensure effective intranet scalability:

1. Ease of use

The intranet is a communication tool, and therefore should live in the hands of a department who’s job description includes effectively communicating with staff!   Your intranet admins responsible for day-to-day content should be able to customize and update the intranet quickly and easily – no coding required.

2. Admin Training and Unlimited Support

A tiered support system and training add-ons are not helpful.  Your intranet platform should include training for your intranet admins to help them learn the software quickly, and unlimited phone and email support to assist them along the way.

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When you experience intranet admin turnover, support should be available to train them as well at no extra cost.  Managing an intranet should not be one of your primary job duties, but rather a tool to help you do your job better.  Find a company that provides training and unlimited support to get you get there.

3. Product Upgrades

Your organization is constantly growing and changing, and so should your intranet!  Upgrades are therefore very important to ensure your intranet site remains up-to-date with features and functionality.  You shouldn’t have to pay to upgrade your site – rather, they should be rolled in with the support contract.  Maintaining your software version is key to keeping employees engaged and actively using the site for years to come.

If you’re just beginning your intranet evaluation and not sure where to start, or perhaps just have questions about the software or company, please reach out!  I’d love to hear from you.



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By | 2017-09-15T09:48:40+00:00 April 25, 2017|Best Practices, Corporate Intranet, Intranet Software|

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