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Improve Employee Retention with Elearning

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With the job market improving, employee turnover is on the rise. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows an upward trend in the number of hires, resignations, and job openings within the last three years. Reducing staff turnover and training new employees is a key challenge for Human Resources (HR) managers in 2014.

What makes this challenge even more difficult is the lack of additional HR resources to handle the increased workload. Many short-staffed HR departments are turning to online learning or e-learning as a tool to get new employees trained quickly as well as for annual re-training.

Moving Training Online

Elearning moves employee education online and boasts many advantages over traditional methods, such as:

  • Reduced costs over in-person training models.
  • Enhanced flexibility in resources & time available to employees.
  • Consistency in training practices, lessons, and body of knowledge.
  • Increased employee retention through consistent continuing learning.

Online learning presents information is a variety of formats, including text, images, and video. The incorporation of video in e-learning creates the connection between visual cues and new knowledge. It can also help bridge the gap between theory and application, increasing the likelihood employees will recall their training at the opportune moment.

Elearning with Videos

The following video demonstrates the practical use of video in online training. This video showcases how to use e-learning by teaching employees “How to Deal with Angry Customers” using online forms.

The employee is given the opportunity to review the tactics in resolving issues with an angry customer and then is provided a question bank to ‘test’ their knowledge. Leveraging the multi-media e-learning platform, the employees are the given the opportunity to watch a short video of a “real-life” scenario and apply what they have learned by completing a test. Check out our video to see e-learning on Intranet Connections in action!

E-learning Benefits

Incorporating online tests to your e-learning ensures comprehension of the material. Online tests are easily reused for annual refresher courses, especially with the use of a preset question bank that picks random questions each time a test is taken. In addition, the test will be scored on the spot and each employee will be given a chance to review their answers, then re-take the test to improve their score.

Elearning is also a great support tool for HR departments. Many HR departments still do not have additional staff to handle the increased workflow. By turning to e-learning, HR managers can effectively and efficiently get new employees up-to-speed.

The Power of Elearning

Elearning is a critical tool in efficiently onboarding new employees. While online content and tests are a good first step in the process, video is becoming increasingly more common. The key to e-learning is providing multi-media platforms that allow users to learn at their own pace and through their best medium.

I’d love to hear about how you have leveraged e-learning in your company. Please comment below.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:29+00:00 June 4, 2014|Collaboration, Intranet Software|

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