Improve Staff Training with Your Hospital Intranet

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Improve Staff Training with Your Hospital Intranet

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Leo Marneros, Director of Emergency Training at Gold Coast Hospital in Australia, consistently works to improve staff training, reduce overall hospital costs and most importantly, enhance patient care. Two years ago Leo took a leap in the right direction by implementing an intranet designed to help him with his mission.  The end result? An estimated time cost savings of $10,000AUD per year, an in-demand intranet built by hospital staff and the icing on the cake – a commendation from the 2013 Intranet Innovation Awards.

As a member of the Support Team here at Intranet Connections I have had the pleasure of working with Leo.  He is educated, driven and dedicated, and I have personally seen this drive for excellence and desire to improve hospital communication, reduce emails and increase productivity at Gold Coast Hospital. Click here to read the full Gold Coast case study.

Hospital Intranet Team Site Training

Within my short time with Intranet Connections, I have had the opportunity to witness many of our clients in the healthcare industry garner positive results from the robust use of applications such as online forms and team sites. A few key examples that I have seen include using these team sites to deliver learning material for on boarding new hospital staff as well as serving as a refresher for existing staff to keep everyone on the same page. A hospital intranet gives staff access to team sites specific to their hospital ward, and keeps them updated on current team goals, events and coworker status updates.

Gold Coast’s OPUS Collaborative Learning Application is a sub-site within the intranet which is used as an education program to facilitate hospital training.  This sub-site houses various applications including the Training Calendar, Form Builder and the Discussion Board to incorporate online media, individual and group presentations, simulation, debates and various other techniques to facilitate a producer/mentor model of training.

Increase Hospital Patient Care

Gold Coast is extremely innovative in patient care.  In order to decrease patient stay duration they implemented a home referral program, where if a patient meets specific requirements after an observation period they are discharged to continue their care at home with the Home Care Team.  Previously, referral forms were filled out on paper, which led to inaccuracies and time spent following up with doctors to gather correct information. Using the Form Builder application on their hospital intranet, Gold Coast was able to move these forms online, which now house required fields to ensure all information is entered correctly, and added workflow which automatically sends an email to the Home Care Team when a form is submitted.

Form Builder has also been used by various other businesses in the healthcare industry to improve internal administration processes.  Moving time sheets, cafeteria order forms, mileage claim reports and various other day-to-day forms onto the intranet has helped to reduce paper costs as well as administrative time costs, allowing staff to spend their time on other duties and leading to an increase in productivity.

$10,000 Savings with Intranet ROI

Gold Coast’s Intern Assessment application is a great example of an internal process which was previously done using paper forms. After implementing their hospital intranet, an intern assessments application was built which now allows senior staff to quickly note their assessments throughout the day just by logging onto the intranet. Using the intranet’s security features, this application is locked down so that only senior admin staff have who have explicitly been given rights to view this area can see it and make their assessments.  After conducting a quantitative analysis of time cost savings from this one application, Gold Coast estimated they were saving $10,000 AUD per year by moving these assessments onto their hospital intranet.

Savings Out of the Box

Like Gold Coast Hospital, you too can realize instant cost savings with our new out of the box Healthcare Intranet Software.  This is an intranet solution tailored built for hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies, hospices, health authorities and pharmacies. Sign up today for a personal demo of our Healthcare Intranet.

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