Summary: Effective communication in the workplace is key for any successful business. But – without the proper tools, it can sometimes be a challenge to ensure open and clear lines of communication. That’s where your intranet software comes in!

Whether you want your employees informed about company news, policy updates, blog posts, company events or employee recognition, an intranet will give you the means to make sure your company is informed and engaged.

Company News

Getting your employees engaged with company news can often be a hurdle, especially when your main form of communication is email. With an intranet, you give your business a platform that will be accessed by all your employees every day. With a company news feed on your homepage, your employees won’t miss a thing because it will be the first thing they see when they log in.

Have a company news feed on your website not only ensures your employees are informed, it also gives them to the opportunity to be engaged. Giving your employees the option to add a comment or just give the post a thumbs up ensures there’s a two-way flow of communication between employer and employee.

Document Management

Updating company policies is part of every business. As you grow and expand your policies and procedures need to be updated and maintained to reflect these changes. It’s also crucial that these changes are communicated to your staff. With our intranet software, not only can you set reminders so that you don’t miss a police update deadline, but it also has a great read and confirm feature.

With read and confirm, any time you update a policy on the intranet your employees will get an alert asking them to read the document and confirm that they have read it. You can set multiple intervals for the reminders to ensure misses the update. As well as alerting your staff of the update, the read and confirm feature also creates a report of who has and who hasn’t acknowledged the update so there will be no way for someone to claim they “Never got the email”.

Employee Recognition

Recognizing the work your employees do should be an important part of any company. Particularly if there are people going above and beyond what would normally be expected. With the employee recognition application, you can quickly and easily acknowledge any employee and display your kudos on the home page. As with the company news, other employees can also have a chance to leave a comment to congratulate their colleague or give the post a thumbs up.

Without proper, open channels of communication not only does time get wasted due to miss communication but your employees will undoubtedly feel as though they’re not being heard. An intranet is an effective way to open those channels in an engaging way, allowing your business to run more efficiently.


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