Increase Intranet ROI with Advanced E-Forms

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Increase Intranet ROI with Advanced E-Forms

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ROI - Return on Investment with Advanced E-Forms

One of the challenges many businesses face is finding a long term intranet solution. On the surface many intranet products look very similar, which can make finding an intranet solution that meets your business needs quite difficult.  New customers are generally looking for an intranet software with a central communication platformdocument management/repository and online e-forms.

Many intranet solutions will meet these basic requirements, completing your short intranet checklist. It is not until you get past the first phase of your implementation that differences become apparent.  This is when the in-depth functionality of your intranet solution starts to justify your initial intranet investment. Over the past 14 years developing intranet software, Intranet Connections has added features that cater to both short-term intranet managers, as well as long-term intranet administrators. Developing features based on  customer needs, our intranet is full of little, but highly practical details.

One such intranet application that continues to deliver over the life of your intranet is Enhanced Form Builder.  Enhanced Form Builder helps our clients reduce costs by utilizing company resources more efficiently, eliminating manual and redundant business workflows.

E-Form Submission Rules

During an initial evaluation of any intranet software solution, most clients don’t foresee the headaches that can arise months after implementation with e-form administration. One example of an e-form administration headache we have alleviated is the submission of the same form over and over again by users.  For forms such as monthly expense reports, limiting the submission to only once can save your accounting department hours of sifting through multiple form submissions and expense tracking.  With Intranet Connections e-form administration tools you can easily set the submission limit for any given form.  As an e-form administrator you can choose whether a user can submit a form once per day, once per week, once per month or even once per quarter, based on your company’s policy.

E-Form Escalation Approval

E-Form Escalated ApprovalWhen it comes to fulfilling business requirements, workflows are often overlooked, but are imperative to any e-form application.  Certain forms, such as Vacation Request Forms or Expense Reports, may need to be escalated beyond regular supervisor approval, but only if certain values, such as a claim amount exceed a threshold.  To meet these requirements we added form conditional triggers which will send the form to an additional approval manager if a specific value is entered into a certain form field.  For example, if a sales professional submits an expense claim it will be routed to their supervisor.  Once approved it will be escalated to the accounting manager, but only if the total expense amount exceeds $5,000.

Interactive Excel SpreadsheetsE-Form Spreadsheet

Ever notice that some forms have the same fields repeated multiple times, just in case the user needs to enter the same kind of data over and over? The inclusion of spreadsheet form control allows your users to add as much information as is necessary, but in a structured way.  For example, our Credit Union and Bank clients have specific Intranet Banking Login Request Forms for new customers, which list many different account types.  Sometimes a customer may have only one account and other times they may have several. With interactive spreadsheet functionality the user simply clicks “add row” for every additional account they want to add. A simple solution for a complex, industry specific need that can be utilized in our intranet software at year 1 or year 10.

An Intranet for Today and 2023

At / we pride ourselves on being an intranet software solution not just for today’s needs, but for the needs of your business 10 years from now.  We have been constantly improving our product since 1999, and our long term customers have been an invaluable source for product improvements. As a result, we have built an intranet platform that new customers won’t outgrow.  For more information on intranet connections software download our Product White paper or request a personal 20-minute demo with our Client Services Team.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:49:38+00:00 August 8, 2013|Finance Intranet, Intranet Software|

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