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Intranet Connections Reviews – Success Stories From Our Customers

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Summary: Intranet assessment is hard. We’d like to make it easy for you by having some of our current customers answering 10 commonly asked questions.

We know endless questions arise when evaluating a new piece of software. We understand that sometimes you need to hear reviews from someone who has used our intranet software, rather than from the people that designed it, developed it and support it. Luckily, our stellar customers have provided just that for you – answers to the frequently asked questions that address the concerns and hesitations that are normal to have going into a new software implementation. Don’t take our word for it, listen to the Intranet Connections reviews provided directly from our customers who have used our software for years.

1. Is Intranet Connections as simple and easy as it claims to be?

“For end users, Intranet Connections is a piece of cake. Employees navigate the intranet as they please. We post our departments’ schedules, news and even have shortcuts for software that they need to download occasionally. I’ve never had a complaint.” – Abel Rodriguez, software & systems support, Red Tag Vacations

2. What Intranet Connections reviews do your employees have?

“Our staff loves the centralized access to resources and online forms that are 20 times quicker than using the phone. Some heavily used and loved features are Event Calendars, Online Forms, sharing communal information within their school buildings pertinent to just their staff. Intranet Connections has become an invaluable tool for our organization.”
– Peter Barron, Intranet Services Manager, Rio Rancho Public Schools

3.What does your Technical team think of the product?

“That would be me. I love it! Intranet Connections provides us with more features than we need, allows our site room to grow and has assisted to resolve a number of employee communication shortcomings that we previously had on our old, static intranet. In addition, it allows me to “farm out” responsibilities on the intranet by features/modules. The challenge with that though is ensuring all employees that I delegate administrative permissions to are aware of the current site structure and procedures, so that each Team/Department Site shares the same framework and such, but that is an internal issue, not one that involves Intranet Connections.”
– Christian Mulvey, IT Director, Texas Partners Federal Credit Union

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4. How was your implementation experience with Intranet Connections?

“We didn’t have a previous Intranet, so deploying an intranet was a brand new process for us. One thing I like (love!) about this product is that it enables AD synchronization, so we do not have to create a user both in our Active Directory and on the Intranet, which saves a lot of time. On the other hand, if we do need to create a user just for the Intranet, that possibility also exists. In other words, it’s a hybrid model that allows to have both Windows-authenticated users and Intranet-only users.”
– Abel Rodriguez, software & systems support, Red Tag Vacations

5. How many IT resources are required to administer your intranet?

“There is only ONE IT employee required to run our intranet with Intranet Connections and that is me. I am the only one who has been a “Super Admin” and it has worked really well for us because I can still delegate Site Ownership responsibilities, Distribute Authorship rights and set varying levels of administrative rights. It is not a full-time job to manage our intranet, but there are so many useful, fun features and tools you can spend a lot time exploring what else you can be using on your intranet.”
– Peter Barron, Intranet Services Manager, Rio Rancho Public Schools

6. What is your experience with their Support Services?

“The level of support Intranet Connections provides is superb, both in terms of timing, knowledge, and how they own it. To be honest, I think they are one of the top companies in Support I’ve ever dealt with. Any issues, they look into it right away and if it’s a bug, they provide a fix pretty quick. If it’s something I’m doing wrong, they’ll teach me how to do it properly. If it’s an emergency (e.g. once when I upgraded my intranet, it wouldn’t restart), they worked speedily with an incredible amount of attention and care to get it resolved.”
– Abel Rodriguez, software & systems support, Red Tag Vacations

7. How would you evaluate their product upgrades & upgrade process?

“Intranet Connections issues major upgrades once or twice a year to their software. They communicate these upgrades extensively on their support site and in any communications with clients. They’ve improved their upgrade process so all the client has to do is make a back-up of the database, then download and install the upgrade from within the Administration panel of the intranet. Quick and easy!”
– Peter Barron, Intranet Services Manager, Rio Rancho Public Schools

8. What are the top features you use in Intranet Connections?

“Having used Intranet Connections for almost 15 years, I can say there are many features I love and value in this product. But if I would have to name my top 3, here they are:

  • Document Management: an invaluable tool at Rio Rancho Public Schools that we could not live without. It is incredibly simple to use, add, organize and archive documents.
  • Event Calendars: we use a ton of different calendars as a “reservation system” to reserve rooms, technology, libraries, etc. Our schools really could not function at this point without calendars.
  • Online Forms: this tool allows you to build forms, surveys and more with an amazingly easy interface. I’m not using the word “amazing” lightly…this is hands-down the coolest tool on our intranet in terms of being able to create interactive forms that can employ back end routing that are automatically routed to any configuration of “approvers”.

Okay there is one more feature I should mention that has changed the user interface of our intranet:

  • Mega Menus: these new menus have enhanced the user experience and efficiency, my initial testing after deploying Mega Menus on our intranet showed that these menus reduced staff clicks from 8 to 9 clicks all the way down to 1 or 2 clicks to find what the user was looking for. Talk about efficiency!”

– Peter Barron, Intranet Services Manager, Rio Rancho Public Schools

9. Were other intranet products considered and evaluated?

“Unfortunately, I came onboard 3 ½ years ago after the decision had already been made to move forward with Intranet Connections. However, I was told at the time, that other products were in fact considered, and Intranet Connections was chosen because of its usefulness and customization as well as its overall versatility. And I have to tell you, it has improved A LOT ever since, both in terms of features and functionality.”
– Abel Rodriguez, software & systems support, Red Tag Vacations

10. Overall what is your satisfaction level with Intranet Connections?

“Honestly, I love this entire tool…no kidding. Besides the incalculable ROI, I find the elegance on its design, layout and function to be intuitive to use and manage, and I appreciate how Intranet Connections has steadily improved and enhanced over the years. It just WORKS! There is consistency and reliability in this platform that everyone trusts. The only thing I LOVE more than the product is their support and the support experience. Amazing!”
– Peter Barron, Intranet Services Manager, Rio Rancho Public Schools

“Intranet Connections provides us with all the features and capabilities we need and then some. It has allowed our site to continuously grow and resolved a number of employee communication issues we had in the past. This intranet software has gone far above and beyond my expectations! We are still discovering new features and functionality in this comprehensive platform years after launching our intranet.”
– Christian Mulvey, IT Director, Texas Partners Federal Credit Union

When it comes to selecting your intranet, we know we provide the best intranet software alternative to SharePoint. But don’t take our word for it – hear it directly from the source! Our happy customers.

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