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Intranet Connections: RSS Feed Generator

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Intranet Connections Intranet 2.0 Software will be releasing a new version of its intranet-in-a-box software in May 2010. Version 10.0 will feature a new Employee Hub, robust enhancements to the popular e-Form Builder, and a new RSS Feed generator.

Check in with our blog over the next month for more highlights on 10.0 features.

In this post, we touch base on intranet RSS feeds.  RSS feeds allow you to pull from corporate intranets and transmit content to any external or public web site.

The Intranet Connections RSS Feeds feature allows you to hone in on what areas of content you want to share and the feed will display without compromising your intranet security or confidentiality.

RSS feeds can also reduce duplication of content in multiple locations and allows for employees to bookmark feeds through their browsers, or access them through smart phones with an RSS reader.

Intranet Scenarios

Jane in HR is tasked with updating the corporate web site with new job opportunities available at the company.  This would be a duplication in effort, as Jane is in charge of posting jobs on the company intranet, and then to publish in HTML onto the public web site.  With RSS Feeds, Jane can now create a Jobs Feed from the intranet, select which categories to pull content from, and embed or link to the feed on their public web site.  Jane only needs to manage job postings through the intranet, and can control which jobs are shown on the public web site through the RSS Feed settings.

John in IT is often on the road helping employees at various work yards with their computer issues.  He downloads a free RSS Feed reader to his iPhone and plugs in the intranet feed for IT News.  When he is off site, he can quickly view any pertinent news or alerts coming in from his IT work space on the intranet.

Katherine is the Training Manager and organizes all courses in-house for employees via the intranet.  She wants to publish a course that is offered to not only internal employees of the company, but to members and volunteers of their Community Housing Project.  Members and volunteers do not have access to the company intranet, so Katherine creates an RSS Feed to display new courses being offered to members and volunteers.  She adds the Feed to their Facebook Community Housing page.

Amir works for a public transportation company.  They have an area on the intranet for publicized road closures and Amir has generated an RSS Feed to be used on electronic traffic billboards throughout the city.

How it Works

1. To enable RSS Feeds, Intranet Site Administrators simply need to select the application they wish to pull a feed from.

select application

2. This will generate a feed URL that can be used in RSS Feed readers or linked to.

RSS Feed Link Generated

3. Format and style your intranet RSS Feeds for inclusion on corporate web sites

Embed feed

RSS Feeds allow content publishers to exchange information very simply and reduces redundancy. It can be a powerful addition to your intranet and business processes.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:50:03+00:00 February 17, 2010|Product News|

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