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Intranet Connections Sales Team Mo Bros

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Sales Team Movember Intranet ConnectionsLast week we introduced you to the amazing ICMOGRO Mo bros Team who has agreed to give up shaving for the month of November in order to raise money for “Movember”, a global charity looking to change the face of men’s health.  If you missed the intro, meet our Mo Men and find out what Movember is all about here.

Movember fundraising has certainly gotten off to a great start – 12 days in the team has already raised a total of $1,270CAD, with no sight of slowing down.  We have also implemented a “Best Mo” contest, to whichever ICGROMO Team member can grow and groom the best moustache.  Stay posted for photos!

**Featured Mo Bros of the Week**

This week we feature Maz Mohammadi, our Intranet Connections Sales Engineer, and Dave Calder our Sales Director.  These guys work together on a daily basis to demo our software and welcome new customers into our Intranet Connections family.  They are extremely hard working, dedicated Intranet Connections Team Members that you can’t help but love.

Maz Mohammadi, Sales Engineer

Intranet Connections Sales EngineerIf you have had the pleasure of working with Maz as I have, you will understand when I say that there are few words to describe this amazing individual. Maz came to the big city of Vancouver from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – which is apparent from his preference to wear t-shirts in the winter (“It’s not that cold!”).  After gaining a Diploma in Technology from BCIT he came to Intranet Connections as a member of the Support Team, where a passion for intranet software was born.

Over 2 and a half years, many long hours and a lot of hard work Maz became not only one of our Product Specialists for our software, but also an overall technical guru. Moving to a position of Sales Engineer was seamless as he united his passion for our software with his affection for solving problems and working with new customers. His boisterous personality is infectious, and his love for intranet software, contagious.

Much like every other task Maz takes on he is putting 110% into growing the best Movember moustache possible. He brings his passion and drive to the Intranet Connections Movember Team, encouraging all members to step up their game.  He already has much encouragement from our current customers, who are excited to see him succeed:

“Loving your Mo work Maz!!” – Steven Ruskin, National Maritime Museum

“Good luck with the mo – my guess is you’ll sweep the office, lushness-wise” – Lori Munro, Justice Institute of BC

Excited to see Maz grow his Mo? Want to donate to his Movember efforts?  Check out his Mo Space, leave a comment or make a donation HERE.


Dave Calder, Sales Director

Intranet Connections Sales DirectorDave is a multi-talented individual who brings not only years of experience to Intranet Connections, but an unparalleled passion for teamwork and success. Although Dave had a bit of a late start on growing his Mo, he is currently in the lead for Team ICGROMO donations.  He believes bringing attention to men’s health issues and contributing to both awareness and fundraising for organizations engaged with Movember is an extremely important cause which he cares about deeply (and he promised his wife the Mo would be gone after this month).

Dave is an invaluable asset not only to the ICGROMO Team, but the Intranet Connections Team as well.  His background includes senior management roles in a variety of industries, including broadcast media, cable, travel/tourism and non-profit organizations. His deep understanding of how teams collaborate effectively and his ability to be hugely creative in assisting our clients in managing challenging internal and external communications issues brings considerable added value to all Intranet Connections customers.

Dave is s a “work hard play hard”, passionate individual in all facets of his life. Away from work Dave is an accomplished musician, composer and producer. He loves to golf, ski and travel with his family.

Help keep Dave in the lead by contributing to his Mo Space HERE.

Stay posted as we continue our Mo Bro features, post updated Mo photos and eventually hold our contest for the best Mo!

Looking for an intranet solution? Interested in meeting our Sales Team Mo Men? Request a demo with them directly by sending an email to


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