Essential Widgets to Generate Intranet Engagement on Your Homepage

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Essential Widgets to Generate Intranet Engagement on Your Homepage

Summary: Improve intranet engagement by arranging your widgets to promote ease of use and navigation.

Coming from a web and graphic design background, I believe design is a crucial element in creating an effective intranet. The homepage is the first thing employees see when opening the intranet, so it’s important to use this coveted space wisely. Keep employees engaged while ensuring they get important updates and to find the information they seek. This may sound like a tricky endeavor, but with over 100 out-of-the-box applications available on your intranet, it’s easier than you think.

You may be wondering what the connection is between intranet apps and widgets. Well, widgets display information housed in various applications in an aesthetically pleasing way! Widgets can be created for any of your intranet applications and placed anywhere on your intranet. It’s simple to organize your homepage with any widgets you want, but it’s essential you use this space carefully. Too many widgets will make the page look cluttered and distract employees from important content.

Below I have outlined three widgets that should have a designated place on your homepage.

1. What’s New?

A Company News feed is an essential widget for any intranet homepage. It is a great way to keep employees up to date with important company information. At Intranet Connections, we publish any-and-all news in our feed, from announcing new customers to notifying everyone there are treats in the kitchen (my favorite kind of news).

By publishing to the Company News feed, you can eliminate ‘all-staff’ emails. In addition, this provides content exclusively available on your intranet, meaning employees have to engage with their intranet to obtain necessary information. Who doesn’t love cookies? There’s also the option to limit who can post updates, or you can keep it open to all employees.

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2. Image Slider

An Image Slider is a great way to improve intranet engagement, and it can really liven up your intranet’s homepage. The Image Slider can rotate through as many images as you’d like, and each of the images can link to other areas of your intranet, or external sites.

Personalize the slider to fit with your intranet design by customizing images, transition speeds, as well as height and width.  Try using images that link to popular or useful areas of your intranet, or simply use the Image Slider for visual engagement alone.

3. Social Feed

Adding some simple social widgets to your homepage is an easy way to bring employees together and boost engagement. Two of the most commonly used social widgets are Employee Milestones (which displays work anniversaries or birthdays), and the Wall Post feed widget.

The Employee Milestone widget can effortlessly generate intranet engagement by allowing them to interact with each other by sending a simple “happy birthday!” or “congrats!” message. With the Wall Post widget, employees post content to their wall and sent to a feed widget on the homepage. Employees can use it to share anything they like, such as messages, images, or videos.

Those are three of the most commonly used widgets to boost engagement, but there are many other apps and widgets available to keep your employees captivated! Have you discovered any other must-have widgets for your homepage? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear about them!


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